Posted on: January 4, 2011 8:50 am

Titan Scuttlebutt "Jeff Fisher is Out"

The official word from Titan owner, Mr. “Bud” Adams Jr. is the before making a decision on Coach Jeff Fisher there are a number of considerations (see link for full comments).


Here is the real scuttlebutt (rumor) that you need to know.  “Bud” is not exactly pleased with the mediocrity of the Titans over the last seven seasons (54-58).  The one and only AFC Championship and Super Bowl appearance came in 1999, the first year in Nashville.  Since that time the Titans have shown moments of brilliance only to fade in the playoffs.  Jeff Fisher has tenure; his record is also mediocre (142-120) in sixteen seasons as Head Coach.  However, tenure and a winning record is not what Mr. Adams wanted when he brought Vince Young over the displeasure of Coach Fisher to the Titans.  Therefore since time is getting short for Mr. Adams to see his Titans make another trip to the Super Bowl, there is only one option, change coaches.

Here is the name that is surfacing. Lately he has been a key part of the MNF broadcast team.  His name was batted around earlier but “Chucky” or Coach Jon Gruden is the person on Adams list of favorites to replace Jeff Fisher.  In fact the job is his if he wants it.  Coach Gruden was considered to fill the vacancy of the University of Tennessee but according to sources declined. However, he expressed his like for Tennessee and one more thing.  Coach Gruden is someone who had offered high praise for Vince Young.  It is only scuttlebutt right now, but it could be fact sooner than you think.

Posted on: February 6, 2010 7:02 am

Super Bowl XLIV Who Has More To Lose


When you are standing around the water cooler or just jawing with co-workers the topic of the Super Bowl is always certain to come up Super Bowl week.  Who do you think will win? Will Peyton Manning get his second Super Bowl win or how about another MVP?  Is Drew Brees going to finally have the credentials to make the HOF?  Are the Saints just glad to be here?  Someone will have a response to all these.  The real question about this game to me is, who has more to lose?

I do not have a dog in the hunt.  My team is the Cincinnati Bengals or the Tennessee Titans.  Explaining that is a long story so I won’t try to explain.  My point is who wins really doesn’t matter to me.  I am rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts.  There are several reasons for that, not to mention that the Colts are from the AFC but the real reason is because I think Peyton “Manning not Sean” stands to lose more by not winning this Super Bowl.

When you here the great QBs of all time the names you are going to here are Joe Montana and Tom Brady, and John Elway.  One of the big reasons you here their names mentioned is because they are linked to being not only in multiple Super Bowls but being multiple Super Bowl winners.  There is also the second tier of QBs and they are Bret Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, and even the lovable QB from Pittsburg, what’s his name? Oh yea, Terry Bradshaw whom I happen to also like.  These guys have a combination of wins, Super Bowl Championships, Records, and so on.  With the exception of Terry, they don’t have multiple Super Bowl Championships and as a result while argued as being among the best, they lose ground to the multiple Super Bowl winners.

So if Peyton Manning is going to be considered as perhaps the greatest QB ever in the NFL he will need another Super Bowl win to his credit.

 He has one Super Bowl win and one MVP – his brother did that –that does not make you great.

He has made the Playoffs six times in his first eight years – Good but not great

This is his second Super Bowl appearance in four years – Could be the ticket with a win

Hasn’t missed a start since he entered the league – Brett Favre leads in that category

One-third of his career he has been considered the league MVP.  Four of twelve for those who need to know, which by the way, four MVPs is more than any other player.

If the measure of greatness is winning the Super Bowl, time may be running out on Peyton Manning’s chances.  He is no longer a kid and if he were to win and perhaps garner the MVP and be 2 for 2 in Super Bowl chances, well, I believe that makes him the greatest of all-time and his career is not over yet.  Indeed, Peyton Manning stands to lose more with a loss on Sunday.  

Posted on: July 28, 2009 10:37 pm

Quiet in Music City

Friday July 31 will be opening day of Titan Training Camp.  It is hard to believe but there has been little if any headlines this year albeit what happened to Steve McNair from the off season.  Of course Vince Young is the subject of an ESPN feature which aired tonight but in Nashville, that is old news.  ESPN played parts of the interview footage already but let’s face it if there is any news about Vince Young, it is that he is in a battle for being the second QB behind Kerry Collins, but don’t tell Vince that.

Actually I am excited about this year and what it has the potential to bring. We will kick off against the Steelers in Terrible Towel II, Battle in Pittsburg.  This is significant for two reasons.  The first is it will be a good tough matchup against the Super Bowl Champions.  Second regardless of the outcome we can only benefit.  A win will be an upset and if we lose (as we will be underdogs) whatever the team felt about being 13-3 should be dispelled and we can get down to business.

The team is virtually set and once Kenny Britt signs every rookie will be under contract.

Our first look will be the receivers.  The Titan depth chart shows:

1.  Nate Washington and Justin Gage are the starters at WR going into camp.  Washington was an off season acquisition and should average 16 yds a catch if he stays healthy.  Gage averaged 13.5 yds a catch last season and had no fumbles.  His 6 TDs last year should become double digits this year.

2.  TE Bo Scaife will likely play the whole year on the franchise tag is #1 while expect Alge Crumpler to challenge as the #2.  Scaife wants a big contract but it is highly unlikely. He started seven games last season and only caught 2 TDs.  I know he averaged almost 10 yds a catch but that is not enough to garner the dollars he wants.  He also fumbled once which he will have to improve upon holding on to the ball and improving his yards after the catch.

More tomorrow. 


Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:33 am

Getting Ready For Titan Camp

  I don't know about you but I am ready for the NFL Football season to begin.  The Titans fared relatively well in the off season so it should be interesting to say the least.  Coach Fisher has been pleased with the Rookie Camp but then again what might we expect him to say. Therefore the real assessment rests on the pre-season and Summer Camp.  Oh Baby...can't wait!  Let's get ready.
  The GPS is already set for LP Field, (even though I already know the way), the Titan gear is being brought out and inspected. Let’s see there are the jerseys, the hats, changing the license plate cover from Vandy to Titans.  I will end up going back to Vandy but pre-season is all Titans.  There is the cooler, can't forget that.  I have my note pad ready for recording how the players look. What else do I need? Oh yea, batteries for the tape recorder. Yep, I still use a hand held tape recorder.  I am even trying to get my yard cut so that that doesn’t get in the way. I still do the yard because you know the economy. Well, look for more information as I once again work towards getting back into the mood.

Posted on: March 4, 2009 10:52 pm

Young is #2 Again

Simms Says Bye to Titan's

How can you blame him?  I for one really didn't see this comming but if the Titan's weren't going to move Young, what is a young QB supposed to do?  I believe the Titan's missread the possibility of losing their #2 QB, and its a darn good thing they signed Collins.  The addition of Simms to the Broncos shows you how quickly things can turn in the NFL.  It sure is interesting that Denver upsets their starting QB Cutler and then goes out and gets another potential starter in case the rift can't be settled in Bronco land before the new season begins.  So what is next for Tennessee?  Vince is not ready to be the leader but now he is one play away from being just that guy.  This is going to make the press have a field day.  Will Vince have a fair shot at being the starter during training camp?  Will the Titan's draft another QB.  I have to think this just abruptly changed the way the Titan's GM will look at the draft.  I say send Vince to Denver for Cutler and throw in a draft choice.  I keep hearing how the Titans like building the team the old fashion way by development.  Well, Pitts is very good at but I can't say the Titan's are. We need a WR, we need a real QB and then we can be a real threat every season. Just a thought since I see a lot going out and not much coming in.


Posted on: November 24, 2008 9:21 pm

Len Dale White Pulls A Young

Len Dale White capped an attitude on Sunday after Tennessee fell to the Jets.  Bittered by the lack of playing time not to mention touches he brushed off coaches on the sidelines and acted more like Vince Young than a team player.  His actions demonstrated once again that many of the new generation of players in the league are more about self than the game.  He should have took a look at the player across the field on Sunday instead of moping on tthe sidelines. 

He would have seen the most team oriented guy to walk on the field in my lifetime.  Brett Favre plays the game with reckless abandon.  He is playing for a team that was supposed to be terrible, he was essentially let go by the Packers.  Bart Starr and the Brett Favre, they are the Packers and I saw them both.  Instead of being woes is me he came in to New York where some thought he might be doing his swan song and well, I don't think so. 

If Len Dale White fails to realize the coaches have played an instrumental part in Tennessee's success then he needs to be traded, removed from the field.  We don't need him on the sidelines.  Maybe we could trade him to Philly,  I don't know maybe we could get Wesbrook.  It would sure be a good move for the latter part of the season and well Philly isn't going anywhere.  White can have all the touches he wants with the losing Eagles and we can move on to the Post Season.

Posted on: November 24, 2008 8:04 am

Titans Are Just Fine

The Titans are just fine where they are.  At the start of the season they were never projected to be 10-1.  They weren't even expected to be leading their division.  Well, after 11 games they are leading their division, they are in a very good position to claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. 

Even while they were enjoying being 10-0 to start the season it never was the goal to be undefeated.  Heck the lackluster of what they accomplished was always being diminished by the fact that New England did all this last season to only lose the Super Bowl.  Tennessee while not happy with a loss can tale solace in that a loss now puts the original goal back in perspective.  Tennessee has games remaining with Detroit, Cleveland, Houston and Pittsburg before playing Indy again.  They finish the season with only one more loss and they enter the playoffs better than expected and one year ahead of schedule.

A win over Pittsburg will in my opinion speak volumes about Tennessee's chances of going back to the Super Bowl than does this loss yesterday to the Jets.  Right now the Jets and Pittsburg are considered the best in the AFC by bloggers and based on yesterday I would not disagree with their reasoning.  However I believe they may be just a little premature.  Tennessee is just fine where they are and should end up looking back on this loss as a good thing.


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Tennessee Looks To Start Season 8-0

The surprising Green Bay Packers (4-3) and tied for 1<sup>st</sup> in the NFC North come to Nashville with hopes of knocking off the undefeated Tennessee Titans (7-0) and leading the AFC South. Tennessee is favored and rightfully so. They are coming off an impressive come from behind (31-21) win over Peyton Manning and the Colts that left almost all outstanding questions about their defense, team character, and resiliency previously unanswered answered, this team is the real deal.

Tennessee is celebrating a decade of football at LP Field in Nashville (game time 1:00 p.m. EST) with a capacity crowd of 68,804, as the 12<sup>th</sup> man of this nationally televised match up. Since 1999 at the start of the season, the Titans are 45–27 in the regular season. They won their first 16 home games when the stadium opened in 1999. The Titans are 2–1 in playoff games at LP Field and today’s crowd will be another sellout. Every Titans home game (including preseason) has been a sellout since the opening of the stadium in 1999. Home Field Advantage-Titans.

The Titan defense will be severely tested today by the arm of Aaron Rogers. Rogers is passing this season at a 65.6% completion record, 1668 yards, 12 TDs and 4 Ints. That could be spell trouble for the Titan defense on a short week. The nagging injury (groin) to Kyle Vanden Bosh (DE) has him questionable. The Titans would love to have him on the field but the decision is with Kyle. He sat out most of the week to give it more time to heal. Coach Fisher is more concerned about the season than remaining unbeaten. Here are the players for the Titans on defense will be without: LB Colin Allred (groin) out, DE Dave Ball (concussion) out, CB Chris Carr (Back) questionable (not likely), DE William Hayes (illness) doubtful, DE Ulrich Winkler (IR). The Titan Defense is banged up and Green Bay is catching them at the right time. However Albert Haynesworth is still playing (bloggers defensive player through midpoint of the season).


The Green Bay is not at full strength either. LB Desmond Bishop is doubtful with a hamstring and the same for LB Danny Lansanah. I would normally say Tennessee has the advantage without question but today I am a little more hesitant since I am not sure they can keep the pressure on Rogers. I know Peyton Manning over a career is better than AR but not necessarily this season. Therefore I will not go so far to say this is a lock. However I still give the defense advantage Titans.

Offensively the Titans are a solid running game with White (327yds) and Johnson (626 yds) and 14 combined TDs. Nobody is really hurt on the offense with the exception of RB Quinton Ganther (concussion). He is listed as doubtful. On the other hand the Packers have to be concerned about Aaron Rogers (shoulder). No doubt he will play. You have to believe that the running game and the consistency of Collins versus the offensive air game of the Packers in my opinion cancel each other out. I am calling this even.

It should be another victory for the Titans, we will find out later today.

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