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Titan Scuttlebutt "Jeff Fisher is Out"

The official word from Titan owner, Mr. “Bud” Adams Jr. is the before making a decision on Coach Jeff Fisher there are a number of considerations (see link for full comments).


Here is the real scuttlebutt (rumor) that you need to know.  “Bud” is not exactly pleased with the mediocrity of the Titans over the last seven seasons (54-58).  The one and only AFC Championship and Super Bowl appearance came in 1999, the first year in Nashville.  Since that time the Titans have shown moments of brilliance only to fade in the playoffs.  Jeff Fisher has tenure; his record is also mediocre (142-120) in sixteen seasons as Head Coach.  However, tenure and a winning record is not what Mr. Adams wanted when he brought Vince Young over the displeasure of Coach Fisher to the Titans.  Therefore since time is getting short for Mr. Adams to see his Titans make another trip to the Super Bowl, there is only one option, change coaches.

Here is the name that is surfacing. Lately he has been a key part of the MNF broadcast team.  His name was batted around earlier but “Chucky” or Coach Jon Gruden is the person on Adams list of favorites to replace Jeff Fisher.  In fact the job is his if he wants it.  Coach Gruden was considered to fill the vacancy of the University of Tennessee but according to sources declined. However, he expressed his like for Tennessee and one more thing.  Coach Gruden is someone who had offered high praise for Vince Young.  It is only scuttlebutt right now, but it could be fact sooner than you think.

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Tennessee Titan Preview

Not long ago, I wrote Chris Johnson is a Titan's Titan.  In the hearts of Titan fans, a single season made him a Titan's legend.  When he began his quest for a new contract and the threat to hold out until the management made a move the fan support began to divide.  CJ is in the prime of his life and the Titans decided to give in and sweeten the pot.  Now hopefully they can do what they could not do with Eddie George and Detroit couldn't do with Barry Sanders and win a Super Bowl.

The truth of the matter is other teams will prepare differently with a variety of schemes aimed at stopping Chris Johnson. Therefore he is not likely to duplicate his 2006 yards of last season.  The Titans will  need even more from Vince Young if they are going to go from 8-8 to 11-5 and having any shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl run.  If VY can show a balance of pass/run and the ability to stretch the field Johnson should be able to have over 1,000 yards.  The question is can anything less than 1,500 yards be considered a good year. 

As for the season, the weather in Tennessee was brutal with the heat index over 100 degrees last week.  The forecast calls for no rain all this week and Coach Fisher is not only concerned about the heat but the ability for his team to recover from the off season but having a balance of sufficient practices to be properly conditioned.   

Okay so where are the Titans?  The team also lost Keith Bullock so someone will have to step up in the linebacker corp. If last week is any indication linebacker Gerald McRath (51) has looked good so far and seems poised to make a substantial contribution.  Elsewhere on defense another standout is cornerback Jason McCourty.  You have to be impressed with this young man.  Tennessee seems to reload at the corner position better than just about any team in the NFL.

On the offensive side the ball neither Vince Young nor Kerry Collins has looked well.  It could be the heat, the timing, or perhaps it could be that this is the year of the big decline for Collins and unfortunately the Titans are on the hook for too much money to pay a backup and too steep to offload.  The Titans will need Kenny Britt not to have a sophomore slump and get more from Nate Washington.  This is a lot to ask but if these two do not perform this could be a tough year for Tennessee.

Coach Fisher is as always optimistic. No one is expecting the Colts to be as strong as last season and therefore the start of the season in the AFC South is one that anticipates at least two teams will be in the playoffs from this division.  Fisher is a coach on the hot seat.  Bud Adams is not getting any younger and while seniority by Fisher as the dean among NFL coaches has served him well, all bets are off. If Tennessee is not in the championship game this year, look for this to be Fisher’s last year.

Posted on: November 11, 2009 12:12 am

Titans Looking Young Again!

RBISPORTS - The Tennessee Titans began the season with high expectations and hopes of repeating as AFC South Champions and why not?  They were 13-3, the best record in the NFL in 2008 and had everybody returning.  Well, almost everybody if you don't count the departure of Albert Haynesworth.  No need to put the franchise tag on him, we have Bo Scaife. How has that worked out? Bo Scaife has played in six games has 165 yards receiving on 18 catches.  Haynesworth has played in all 8 games for the Washington Redskins, has 25 tackles, 3 sacks, and a fumble recovery.  Did I mention he has played in all 8 games?  Of course I should also mention that Andre Carter for the Redskins has 6.5 sacks and this is for only half a season.  Carter had four sacks all last year.  Carter is on track to break or match his career season record of 12.5 sacks in 2002.  Even if the Redskins look bad, the addition of Haynesworth has helped their defensive front line.  
   Nevermind the mistake of letting Haynesworth go. Perhaps the biggest loss of all was the departure of Jim Schwartz to become head coach of the Detroit Lions.  As a result of his departure, plus a plethera of injuries to the all-pro defensive backfield, and the lack of a consistent pass rush, the Titans instead of looking young looked just plain old n starting the season 0-6.  Even Collins seemed to age five years over an off season.  But the good news is the Titans are starting to look young again, Vince Young in fact.
   The first round draft choice began the season as an after thought, an albatross, a liability and fans were in some cases admonent he be let go.  Then there where others that said why don't we see more of Vince?  Even in the pre-season what we saw of Vince's performance was hardly promising. So what has happened to make people in Tennessee believing they can have another 10 game winning streak and finish the season 10-6?  The answer is love him or hate him Vince Young. I thought it interesting that in four games this season he has a 64.3 completion percentage. He has thrown 1 INT, 1TD, and run for another. Looking at the stats you see 1-1-1 but the bigger stat is that he is back and the Titans are 2-0 with Young as a starter.
  It is hard to say what his overall future with the Titans will be. It might be equally hard to figure what Coach Fisher's future may be. We kinow the owner made this call. The question on my mind is what call will the Titans make at the end of the season.  The Titans are famous for letting good talent go before they have actually reached their prime or not keeping legends around like Steve McNair, Eddie George, and don't forget Derick Mason. However, they did bring back Jevon Kearse and now they have a decision on what to do with two QBs.  All I know the Titans are looking Young again and they are 2-0.  Winning never grows old.  
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Tennessee Titan Roundup



The Tennessee Titans were not only defeated but embarrassed by the New England Patriots 59-0.  The Titans (0-6) following a 13-3 regular season are in total disarray.  Jeff Fisher said, "I'm disappointed and embarrassed," and well this game coupled with last Saturday’s performance against the Colts has caused an extremely vocal support for change.  Right now fans don’t care if it is Jeff Fisher or Kerry Collins so the Titans with the bye better have an answer besides Jeff Fisher’s assurance it won’t happen again. 


The team made up of returning veterans less the notable Albert Haynesworth  has experiences its share of injuries but at this point even that cannot explain the sudden destruction of what we expected to be a promising season with a return to the playoffs.  However now the Titans are worse than the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs and that calls for heads to roll.  Collins once again was unable to get his receivers to provide the offensive support.  Dropped passes from Justin Gage and Bo Scaife continued to rule the day but Collins (2/12)  also has to take his share of the blame.  The only bright spot in this game was the running of Chris Johnson with 128 yards on 17 attempts.    


Coach Fisher is now facing a bye week which is going to give this loss a lot more time to fester with fans and to make matters worse the Titans are expecting to find the competition even tougher after the break.  So when will the Titans get their first win?  Their best chance may well be after the bye week when they catch Jacksonville at home.  The Jaguars owned Tennessee in their first meeting (17-37) and Jones-Drew is improving week after week.  Then you add to the fact that Tennessee’s defense may even be worse than St. Louis’ defense.  Garrard threw for 335 yards again the Cardinals and he is likely to be able to repeat that kind of performance against the Titans.  That would mean Tennessee would have to try for its first win on the road all the way across country in California against the rejuvenated 49ers.  If Tennessee doesn’t win coming out of the bye and fails to win our West, they won’t be able to pick up that first win until St’ Louis comes to town December 13<sup>th</sup> when  Vince Young should finally be starting.

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Tennessee Titan First Game Review C-

The first half revealed that concern about the kicking game was well-deserved.  Rob Bironas missed two field goals of which one was blocked and Tennessee trailed 7-0 on the pass from Roethlisberger to Holmes.  Absolutely infuriating for Titan fans after the team otherwise dominated the first half.  The game resembled how Tennessee could so dominate Baltimore Ravens in two playoff losses and yet lose on the scoreboard. 
Collins however did something unexpected, he brought the Titans back on passes to Britt and Gage that tied the game 7-7 with about 46 seconds remaining.  Big Ben returned the favor bringing the Steelers to the Titan 43 yard line.  That is when the Titan defense stiffened and sacked Ben for a loss that most assuredly left them without a chance for a field goal.  The Steelers elected to go for it and Corteland Finnegan picked off the hail Mary and returned it to Pittsburg's 29 yd line where the first half ended.

Collins looked sharp except for the one pick.  Rookie Kenny Britt looked great and Justin Gage looked good as well.  I was impressed with both running backs for the Titans. White carried the ball well.  He had better speed to the line of scrimmage and the weight loss has really improved his game.  Chris Johnson was explosive and really showed why he is such a threat. 

No one is able to score in the third quarter and so this looks to be an exciting nail biting finish.  Two critical losses in the second half.  Tennessee has lost Bo Sciafe with a strained left  knee.  Pittsburg has lost the dirtiest defensive player in the NFL, Troy Polamalu also with a knee injury. 

The fourth quarter opens with Bironas being able to gain some redemption with a 47 yard field goal after the Titan drive stalls.  Collins is looking very impressive 21/31 for 232 yds, 1 TD and 1 interception.  Also impressive is Justin Gage despite one key drop in the previous Tennessee stalled drive.  His catch on the last drive gave Tennessee the yardage they needed for the field goal.  Crumpler made a couple of key catches but appears to be a little to heavy to break free from Pittsburg linebackers.

William Hayes tackle on a 3rd and 1 for the Steelers resulted in Pittsburg settling for the FG and the game tied 10-10.  This may end with whoever has the ball last winning on a FG.  Tennessee has 2:50 to take it the length of the field.  It would be an 82 yd drive.  Tennesse is forced to punt and the Steelers drive to easy FG range.  In an effort to get it closer Roethlisberger hits Hine Ward on an apparent chip shot FG opportunity except Ward fumbles and Tennessee recovers running out the clock for OT.

Big Ben and the Steelers have looked virtually unstoppable the last three possesions.  The prevent never works and still Tennessee secondary is leaving too much green between themselves and the receivers.  Pittsburg continued to push the ball down the field and on Mike Wallace's catch to the 15 yard line the Steelers put the Titans out of their misery.

Tennessee's defense took a potential B+ to a C.  The offense gets a B.  The special teams and kicking game is a D- for Tennessee.  This is a game Tennessee should have won.  They beat the spread for all the gamblers out there but as far as I am concerned the Titans need a lot of work before playing the Texans at home next week.  They will need the extra 10 days to get ready.

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Game Report
Titans TAME THE Bears
The Titans continued an impressive start to the season leaving everything on the field where it really matters in taming “The Bears” 21 - 14. Sure the Titans are 12-0 leading back to last season and own the NFL’s best winning record but more than that the win today gave the Titans their best ever road record at 4-0 to remain unbeaten 9-0 start to the season. The Titans own a four game lead over the closest team (Colts) in their division and now at least for one more week have silenced the skeptics.

The Bears began the afternoon without Kyle Orton (ankle sprain) and handed the offense over to veteran Rex Grossman. Grossman was 20 of 37 for 173 yds, a TD and 1 INT. All-in-all not a bad day but it proved not enough this afternoon as the former super bowl QB fell to 19-12 as a starter.

The surprise today may well be the play of Tennessee’s veteran QB, Kerry Collins. Collins got his first multiple TD game this season, at one point completing 12 in a row and going 30 for 41 for 289 yds and 2 TDs. Collins performance couldn’t have come at a better time. Tennessee came within one yard of their worst rushing performance ever. The Bear’s defense held Tennessee’s tandem of White and Johnson to a combined 22 yds rushing. That is right only 22yds rushing but then there were two other losses of one yard that gave Tennessee 20 yds total rushing on the day. Today the Titans has to call for air support and Collins answered the distress call.

The game opened with Tennessee going three and out followed by the Bears taking their first possession the length of the field concluding with a 5yd TD pass from Grossman to Rookie Matt Forte. Forte finished the game with 72 yds on 20 touches and 54 yds receiving on 7 catches and a TD.

On the next possession for Chicago, Grossman’s pass was tipped by Cortland Finnegan and intercepted by Chris Hope. The Titan drive ultimately failed when at the Bears 2 yd line Fullback Ahmard Hall’s fumble gave the Bears the possession deep in their own territory thus ending the Titan’s chance to tie the game.

The Titan ground game was gone baby gone and Collins had to reach back and do something he has not done all season, put the game on his arm. Collins did just what was required as the Titans were able to tie the game before the half when Collins found TE Bo Scaife on a 10 yd pass for the TD and Ron Bironas’ point after was good.

The Titans once again had a missed field goal by Bironas (48 yds), however this time it was at the end of the first half vice the end of the game.

Collins continued his outstanding performance in the third quarter and gave the Titans the lead they never relinquished. The Titans put together a six play drive for 56 yds that ended when Collins found Justin Gage on a 12 yd TD pass. The Bironas kick was good and the Titans led 14 – 7.

The Titans got there third TD in the fourth quarter and it proved to be the winning margin. Len Dale White rushed 2 yds to cap another Titan 11 play drive covering 52 yds.

To the Bears credit they responded with a long drive (68 yds) of their own when Rex Grossman ran for 1 yd and a TD.

The Titans are hardly a team that lights up the score board but neither are they a team that does it with smoke and mirrors. Next week they are on the road and back in the division against the Jaguars that finally won a game this week. The following week the Titans are at home against the NY Jets but for now they remain the only unbeaten team left in the NFL and not bad for team that was picked by some to finish last in the division. I am thinking that maybe just maybe Coach Fisher found the Karma he was looking for.
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