Posted on: November 24, 2008 9:21 pm

Len Dale White Pulls A Young

Len Dale White capped an attitude on Sunday after Tennessee fell to the Jets.  Bittered by the lack of playing time not to mention touches he brushed off coaches on the sidelines and acted more like Vince Young than a team player.  His actions demonstrated once again that many of the new generation of players in the league are more about self than the game.  He should have took a look at the player across the field on Sunday instead of moping on tthe sidelines. 

He would have seen the most team oriented guy to walk on the field in my lifetime.  Brett Favre plays the game with reckless abandon.  He is playing for a team that was supposed to be terrible, he was essentially let go by the Packers.  Bart Starr and the Brett Favre, they are the Packers and I saw them both.  Instead of being woes is me he came in to New York where some thought he might be doing his swan song and well, I don't think so. 

If Len Dale White fails to realize the coaches have played an instrumental part in Tennessee's success then he needs to be traded, removed from the field.  We don't need him on the sidelines.  Maybe we could trade him to Philly,  I don't know maybe we could get Wesbrook.  It would sure be a good move for the latter part of the season and well Philly isn't going anywhere.  White can have all the touches he wants with the losing Eagles and we can move on to the Post Season.

Posted on: November 24, 2008 8:04 am

Titans Are Just Fine

The Titans are just fine where they are.  At the start of the season they were never projected to be 10-1.  They weren't even expected to be leading their division.  Well, after 11 games they are leading their division, they are in a very good position to claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. 

Even while they were enjoying being 10-0 to start the season it never was the goal to be undefeated.  Heck the lackluster of what they accomplished was always being diminished by the fact that New England did all this last season to only lose the Super Bowl.  Tennessee while not happy with a loss can tale solace in that a loss now puts the original goal back in perspective.  Tennessee has games remaining with Detroit, Cleveland, Houston and Pittsburg before playing Indy again.  They finish the season with only one more loss and they enter the playoffs better than expected and one year ahead of schedule.

A win over Pittsburg will in my opinion speak volumes about Tennessee's chances of going back to the Super Bowl than does this loss yesterday to the Jets.  Right now the Jets and Pittsburg are considered the best in the AFC by bloggers and based on yesterday I would not disagree with their reasoning.  However I believe they may be just a little premature.  Tennessee is just fine where they are and should end up looking back on this loss as a good thing.


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