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Tennessee Titan First Game Review C-

The first half revealed that concern about the kicking game was well-deserved.  Rob Bironas missed two field goals of which one was blocked and Tennessee trailed 7-0 on the pass from Roethlisberger to Holmes.  Absolutely infuriating for Titan fans after the team otherwise dominated the first half.  The game resembled how Tennessee could so dominate Baltimore Ravens in two playoff losses and yet lose on the scoreboard. 
Collins however did something unexpected, he brought the Titans back on passes to Britt and Gage that tied the game 7-7 with about 46 seconds remaining.  Big Ben returned the favor bringing the Steelers to the Titan 43 yard line.  That is when the Titan defense stiffened and sacked Ben for a loss that most assuredly left them without a chance for a field goal.  The Steelers elected to go for it and Corteland Finnegan picked off the hail Mary and returned it to Pittsburg's 29 yd line where the first half ended.

Collins looked sharp except for the one pick.  Rookie Kenny Britt looked great and Justin Gage looked good as well.  I was impressed with both running backs for the Titans. White carried the ball well.  He had better speed to the line of scrimmage and the weight loss has really improved his game.  Chris Johnson was explosive and really showed why he is such a threat. 

No one is able to score in the third quarter and so this looks to be an exciting nail biting finish.  Two critical losses in the second half.  Tennessee has lost Bo Sciafe with a strained left  knee.  Pittsburg has lost the dirtiest defensive player in the NFL, Troy Polamalu also with a knee injury. 

The fourth quarter opens with Bironas being able to gain some redemption with a 47 yard field goal after the Titan drive stalls.  Collins is looking very impressive 21/31 for 232 yds, 1 TD and 1 interception.  Also impressive is Justin Gage despite one key drop in the previous Tennessee stalled drive.  His catch on the last drive gave Tennessee the yardage they needed for the field goal.  Crumpler made a couple of key catches but appears to be a little to heavy to break free from Pittsburg linebackers.

William Hayes tackle on a 3rd and 1 for the Steelers resulted in Pittsburg settling for the FG and the game tied 10-10.  This may end with whoever has the ball last winning on a FG.  Tennessee has 2:50 to take it the length of the field.  It would be an 82 yd drive.  Tennesse is forced to punt and the Steelers drive to easy FG range.  In an effort to get it closer Roethlisberger hits Hine Ward on an apparent chip shot FG opportunity except Ward fumbles and Tennessee recovers running out the clock for OT.

Big Ben and the Steelers have looked virtually unstoppable the last three possesions.  The prevent never works and still Tennessee secondary is leaving too much green between themselves and the receivers.  Pittsburg continued to push the ball down the field and on Mike Wallace's catch to the 15 yard line the Steelers put the Titans out of their misery.

Tennessee's defense took a potential B+ to a C.  The offense gets a B.  The special teams and kicking game is a D- for Tennessee.  This is a game Tennessee should have won.  They beat the spread for all the gamblers out there but as far as I am concerned the Titans need a lot of work before playing the Texans at home next week.  They will need the extra 10 days to get ready.

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The Titans Have A Tight Attitude

Listening to some of the comments around the Titan Camp, the news from the local press, and media the sense is that the players are really coming together and quickly.  BLUF, the Titans have a tight attitude, they are hungry.  Immediately, I am impressed with Alge Crumpler.  He is looking sharp and not the least bit reclusive about wanting to make amends for his playoff fumble.  All of that is behind him and it is showing on the field and in his interviews.  He knows the Titans made an off season move to get Jared Cook (South Carolina) in the 3rd round; that means he will have competition.  Already Cook has made an impression on coach Fisher's staff. 

Titan fans cannot help but be glad that L. White has come with an attitude as well. This is the last year on his contract so you know he wants to have a great season.  His comments earlier let it be known that he will thrive on competition. His weight is no longer a problem but if you look closely, that body could still use some deffinition, meaning the weight is gone but the muscle mass is not all there.  By the time the pre-season starts he should be in his best physical shape as a Titan.  This can only be a good thing when you consider that he will be teaming with another running back with an attitude, Chris Johnson.  Jim Wyatt is his column in the Tennessean quoted Johnson as saying,"I want to be named to another Pr Bowl. I like to set my goals high, and everything is possible.'' Well fans, I like what I am hearing and I like the looks of the backfield this season.

So how does Collins look so far this season.  How about someone 10 years younger than he really is sound?  At age 36, you would never know it if you saw him. Well if he didn't shave you would know and if you were up close.  Then you could see some wrinkles around the eyes, but the arm, well, that is still looking like someone much younger.  Here is another Titan with an attitude, this one of confidence. "I am excited about the additions that we have made to our receiving corps,'' Collins said. "Obviously, Nate is a veteran guy just coming into his own and has a chance to make a real big impact right away."We get Kenny Britt with the first (round) pick in the draft and it shows that we are willing to do what it takes and bring the guys in here to improve the passing game, which I think we need to do. I think it's great and I'm obviously excited.''

We will continue to look at Titan attitudes in the coming days and weeks. 

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White Makes It Right and CJ Makes Them Blue

This game could not have come at a more opportune time for the Titans.  Len Dale was able to right his wrong of saying "I don't care" with a very impressive  two TD performance pushing his season total to 11 but more improtantly proving he does care.  His  106 total yards on the day  were typical, hard fought bone crushing runs.  His counter part in the backfield was equally impressive scoring two times. The most impressive was the 58 yard draw play in which he was never touched.  Johnson finished the game with 125 yds on 16 carries and the way he did it left Detroit blue and out of breath.

The defense once again righted itself but to be honest Detrot was just no match.


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Len Dale White Pulls A Young

Len Dale White capped an attitude on Sunday after Tennessee fell to the Jets.  Bittered by the lack of playing time not to mention touches he brushed off coaches on the sidelines and acted more like Vince Young than a team player.  His actions demonstrated once again that many of the new generation of players in the league are more about self than the game.  He should have took a look at the player across the field on Sunday instead of moping on tthe sidelines. 

He would have seen the most team oriented guy to walk on the field in my lifetime.  Brett Favre plays the game with reckless abandon.  He is playing for a team that was supposed to be terrible, he was essentially let go by the Packers.  Bart Starr and the Brett Favre, they are the Packers and I saw them both.  Instead of being woes is me he came in to New York where some thought he might be doing his swan song and well, I don't think so. 

If Len Dale White fails to realize the coaches have played an instrumental part in Tennessee's success then he needs to be traded, removed from the field.  We don't need him on the sidelines.  Maybe we could trade him to Philly,  I don't know maybe we could get Wesbrook.  It would sure be a good move for the latter part of the season and well Philly isn't going anywhere.  White can have all the touches he wants with the losing Eagles and we can move on to the Post Season.

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Titans Are Just Fine

The Titans are just fine where they are.  At the start of the season they were never projected to be 10-1.  They weren't even expected to be leading their division.  Well, after 11 games they are leading their division, they are in a very good position to claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. 

Even while they were enjoying being 10-0 to start the season it never was the goal to be undefeated.  Heck the lackluster of what they accomplished was always being diminished by the fact that New England did all this last season to only lose the Super Bowl.  Tennessee while not happy with a loss can tale solace in that a loss now puts the original goal back in perspective.  Tennessee has games remaining with Detroit, Cleveland, Houston and Pittsburg before playing Indy again.  They finish the season with only one more loss and they enter the playoffs better than expected and one year ahead of schedule.

A win over Pittsburg will in my opinion speak volumes about Tennessee's chances of going back to the Super Bowl than does this loss yesterday to the Jets.  Right now the Jets and Pittsburg are considered the best in the AFC by bloggers and based on yesterday I would not disagree with their reasoning.  However I believe they may be just a little premature.  Tennessee is just fine where they are and should end up looking back on this loss as a good thing.


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Game Report
Titans TAME THE Bears
The Titans continued an impressive start to the season leaving everything on the field where it really matters in taming “The Bears” 21 - 14. Sure the Titans are 12-0 leading back to last season and own the NFL’s best winning record but more than that the win today gave the Titans their best ever road record at 4-0 to remain unbeaten 9-0 start to the season. The Titans own a four game lead over the closest team (Colts) in their division and now at least for one more week have silenced the skeptics.

The Bears began the afternoon without Kyle Orton (ankle sprain) and handed the offense over to veteran Rex Grossman. Grossman was 20 of 37 for 173 yds, a TD and 1 INT. All-in-all not a bad day but it proved not enough this afternoon as the former super bowl QB fell to 19-12 as a starter.

The surprise today may well be the play of Tennessee’s veteran QB, Kerry Collins. Collins got his first multiple TD game this season, at one point completing 12 in a row and going 30 for 41 for 289 yds and 2 TDs. Collins performance couldn’t have come at a better time. Tennessee came within one yard of their worst rushing performance ever. The Bear’s defense held Tennessee’s tandem of White and Johnson to a combined 22 yds rushing. That is right only 22yds rushing but then there were two other losses of one yard that gave Tennessee 20 yds total rushing on the day. Today the Titans has to call for air support and Collins answered the distress call.

The game opened with Tennessee going three and out followed by the Bears taking their first possession the length of the field concluding with a 5yd TD pass from Grossman to Rookie Matt Forte. Forte finished the game with 72 yds on 20 touches and 54 yds receiving on 7 catches and a TD.

On the next possession for Chicago, Grossman’s pass was tipped by Cortland Finnegan and intercepted by Chris Hope. The Titan drive ultimately failed when at the Bears 2 yd line Fullback Ahmard Hall’s fumble gave the Bears the possession deep in their own territory thus ending the Titan’s chance to tie the game.

The Titan ground game was gone baby gone and Collins had to reach back and do something he has not done all season, put the game on his arm. Collins did just what was required as the Titans were able to tie the game before the half when Collins found TE Bo Scaife on a 10 yd pass for the TD and Ron Bironas’ point after was good.

The Titans once again had a missed field goal by Bironas (48 yds), however this time it was at the end of the first half vice the end of the game.

Collins continued his outstanding performance in the third quarter and gave the Titans the lead they never relinquished. The Titans put together a six play drive for 56 yds that ended when Collins found Justin Gage on a 12 yd TD pass. The Bironas kick was good and the Titans led 14 – 7.

The Titans got there third TD in the fourth quarter and it proved to be the winning margin. Len Dale White rushed 2 yds to cap another Titan 11 play drive covering 52 yds.

To the Bears credit they responded with a long drive (68 yds) of their own when Rex Grossman ran for 1 yd and a TD.

The Titans are hardly a team that lights up the score board but neither are they a team that does it with smoke and mirrors. Next week they are on the road and back in the division against the Jaguars that finally won a game this week. The following week the Titans are at home against the NY Jets but for now they remain the only unbeaten team left in the NFL and not bad for team that was picked by some to finish last in the division. I am thinking that maybe just maybe Coach Fisher found the Karma he was looking for.
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Tennessee Looks To Start Season 8-0

The surprising Green Bay Packers (4-3) and tied for 1<sup>st</sup> in the NFC North come to Nashville with hopes of knocking off the undefeated Tennessee Titans (7-0) and leading the AFC South. Tennessee is favored and rightfully so. They are coming off an impressive come from behind (31-21) win over Peyton Manning and the Colts that left almost all outstanding questions about their defense, team character, and resiliency previously unanswered answered, this team is the real deal.

Tennessee is celebrating a decade of football at LP Field in Nashville (game time 1:00 p.m. EST) with a capacity crowd of 68,804, as the 12<sup>th</sup> man of this nationally televised match up. Since 1999 at the start of the season, the Titans are 45–27 in the regular season. They won their first 16 home games when the stadium opened in 1999. The Titans are 2–1 in playoff games at LP Field and today’s crowd will be another sellout. Every Titans home game (including preseason) has been a sellout since the opening of the stadium in 1999. Home Field Advantage-Titans.

The Titan defense will be severely tested today by the arm of Aaron Rogers. Rogers is passing this season at a 65.6% completion record, 1668 yards, 12 TDs and 4 Ints. That could be spell trouble for the Titan defense on a short week. The nagging injury (groin) to Kyle Vanden Bosh (DE) has him questionable. The Titans would love to have him on the field but the decision is with Kyle. He sat out most of the week to give it more time to heal. Coach Fisher is more concerned about the season than remaining unbeaten. Here are the players for the Titans on defense will be without: LB Colin Allred (groin) out, DE Dave Ball (concussion) out, CB Chris Carr (Back) questionable (not likely), DE William Hayes (illness) doubtful, DE Ulrich Winkler (IR). The Titan Defense is banged up and Green Bay is catching them at the right time. However Albert Haynesworth is still playing (bloggers defensive player through midpoint of the season).


The Green Bay is not at full strength either. LB Desmond Bishop is doubtful with a hamstring and the same for LB Danny Lansanah. I would normally say Tennessee has the advantage without question but today I am a little more hesitant since I am not sure they can keep the pressure on Rogers. I know Peyton Manning over a career is better than AR but not necessarily this season. Therefore I will not go so far to say this is a lock. However I still give the defense advantage Titans.

Offensively the Titans are a solid running game with White (327yds) and Johnson (626 yds) and 14 combined TDs. Nobody is really hurt on the offense with the exception of RB Quinton Ganther (concussion). He is listed as doubtful. On the other hand the Packers have to be concerned about Aaron Rogers (shoulder). No doubt he will play. You have to believe that the running game and the consistency of Collins versus the offensive air game of the Packers in my opinion cancel each other out. I am calling this even.

It should be another victory for the Titans, we will find out later today.

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The Colts (3-3) have a lot of questions to answer and are playing without a full deck however they still have Peyton Manning and the boys on offense that could very easily steal Tennessee's last bastion of enthusiasm. You see the underlying excitement about tonight's game is that all of a sudden UT (University of Tennessee) is experiencing the blues, Vandy has lost 3 in a row and they, the Commodore fans are feeling blue. All of Tennessee right now is leaning on the Titans to re-inflate and if I can say it allow the South to Rise Again. Of course don't anyone tell all Tennessee fans that Alabama is doing well enough in that department.

Lets look at what I think are the keys to the game.

FACTOR 1. The Wind. Don't kid yourself. The wind is gusting and is going to effect more than wind chill. The passing game and the kicking game are going to be impacted by the weather.   Over the course of the season Vinatiere has 30 points & Bironas 47.  Edge Tennessee +3

FACTOR 2. Defense. The Colts have to be concerned about the knee of CB Kevin Hayden and the shoulder of Marlin Jackson.   Safety Bob Sanders is still hobbled with the knee. 

Sanders is the key here. Full speed he is a deciding factor but he is not full speed.  Tonight is going to be a Colts shell game.  

The Titans have problems of their own: I am concerned that DT Tony Brown with his bad ankle, CB Nicholas Harper with his knee, and Reynoldo Hill being just plain under-the-weather may allow for Peyton to have some open targets. The other factor leaning towards the Colts this week and this week only is the groin of Kyle Vanden Bosch may have him with limited play time. That coupled with LB Colin Allred's groin is enough to make this game even on defense.

Even on defense is a +3 point edge to the COLTS because Manning makes nothing even.

FACTOR 3. Offense.   The Colts without Addai lose a 5yd per carry and 216 yds rushing.  That is half of a rushing game that with a still improvinf Peyton Manning will once again keep Manning in the air where he can make big interceptions like last week.

The Titans on the other hand have a mad house backfield with 11 TDs.  The combination of White and Johnson is over 800 yds rushing.  That is a 500 yd difference over 6 games.  Advantage Tennessee on Offense  +7.

Home field is also going to be Tennessee's tonight.

Come game time I believe Tennessee has to be favored by 11. This would give Tennessee a 4 game advantage in the division after only 7 games. When we come back it will game time and trying to keep the computer on my lap.

Game Highlights:

1st Qtr

Tennessee gets 35 yd FG from Bironas

Colts get a short field on a poor punt and take a 35 yd drive concluding with Peyton Manning finding Clark in the end zone.  The pont after makes it Colts 7- TN 3.

Tennessee is missing Kyle Vanden Bosh.  The rush and pressure on Manning has been neutralized.

Titans follow Colt TD with three passes in a row and two first downs. This time Scaife the receiver. The ensuing play is a loss of a yard by White and its 7-3 Colts 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Titans score to start 2nd Qtr on a 44 yd FG by Bironas. Keep it simple and 22 in-a-row. Colts 7- TN 6

Wild play:

Next possesion for Colts and the the deflected pass is intercepted by the Titans. The very next Titan possession is a possible fumble recovery for Colts on an outlet pass and now the ruling is a catch and the player is down. The replay showed the ball was dropped but the Titans got the play off before any chance of review. The next play and Brackens and session both have it for an INT but it falls incomplete.

Tennesse misses on a 43 yd FGA that would have given them the lead. 


3rd QTR Begins:

Colts open second half and Garcon's return giving them great starting position on their own 36 yd line.

Rhodes runs 23 yds into Titan territory in part due to sloppy tackling.

Harper breaks up deep pass as Indy goes long, incomplete.

Rhodes gains 9 and Colts moving the ball easily against Titan defense.

Simpson gets 1 ball on 30 yd ine and 1st down. 

Pass incomplete.

Simpson near the 20 and it's 3rd and less than a yd.

Simpson over left tackle for the first.  Ball inside the 19.

Play action pass off the fingertips of Dallas Clark in the end zone. 

Manning goes back to Clark who slipped out untouched and uncovered for his 2nd TD with 11:06 remaining.

Titans will make their first possession of the 2nd half on their own 20.

Chris Johnson 4 yds and 2nd and 6.

Collins/Krumpler 9yd pass for 1st down.

Jones reception for 6yds.

Pass to Gage us incomplete but penalty for illeagal contact gives TN first down.

Ball on 43 yd line and the next play is an incomplete pass.

White's 5yd run.

Penalty against TN.

TN to Colt 36yd line and the 22 yd pass to MCCarins.

White gets two on the carry.

Collins to Scaife and defensive pass interference automatic 1st down.

Titans ball on 18 yd line and pass is good for only a yard. 2nd and 9.

Pass incomplete to Gage. Critical 3rd down because you can't swap FG for TDs.

Pass complete to the 2yd line to Jones. Collins hung tough and Jones made a great job fighting for extra yards.

Forward progress for White is short and 2nd down.

3rd and short as White goes down but he is holding ball on back side.

Titans get White TD and will go for two point conversion. Time 3:21 remaining.

Conversion is complete and Titans 14   Colts 14.

Garcon gives Indy excellent field position on the 40 yd line following the kickoff.

Deflected pass goes for 2 yd loss.

Rhodes rushes for four yards and it will be 3rd and 8.  Reggie Wayne injured on the play.

Penalty and that makes it 3rd and three.

Pass to Gonzales is short of the line to gain.

Colts run Rhodes on the 4th and 1 and are just blasted in the backfield by big Albert Haynesworth and a whole host of Titan players.

Manning on the sideline is disgusted with the call.

Titans pass for short gain of two.

Collins to Crumpler who makes the catch and fumbles out of bounds.  It's still a 1st down at the 34 yd line.

Last play of 3rd Qtr. is a rush by Johnson for three yards.

4th Quarter:

Clcok management is now entering into this game as a factor.  Titans have a second and seven to start 3rd quarter.

Collins goes for it all and just over threw Crumpler that would have been six.

Pass is incomplete.  Bironas will try a wind aided 48 yd field goal and its good.  Tennessee 17 Indy 14.

Kickoff by Bironas returned to 31yd line of Indy. 14:40 remaining.

Play action deep to Harrison incomplete, 2nd and 10.

Rhodes stopped by Thorton for gain of 1. 3rd and 9.

Colts 4 of 9 on 3rd down and plenty of time and pass goes for 1st down to Gonzales. Colts on 43 yd line.

Pass to Wayne to Tennessee 42 yd line.

Rhodes runds for 6 and leaves 2nd and 4.

Flair pass short and will bring a 3rd and two.

Pass is incomplete off the hands of Reggie Wayne.  Finnagan breaks it up. 

4th down pass is incomplete and Tennessee takes over on downs.  The wind against the Colts in the 4th quarter has actually played a six point swing with Tennessee's wind aided FG and the Colts have to elect not to kick the FG and go for it.  Tennessee will also be the recipiant of good field position and a short field to at least perhaps get another FG.

Collins to Scaife at midfield. Scaife goes over back shoulder to make the catch.

Collins 20 of 31 and this for a gain of 3 yds.

The catch by McCairins should be a 1st down depending on the spot and it is a first down.

Chris Johnson gets two on the carry.  Now each play uses the whole play clock.

Pass leads Johnson too much and brings up a 3rd and 8.

Hawkins gets the first on the pass by Collins to keep the drive alive.

Crumpler on 9yd pass play from Collins and ball is on 16 yd line.

White to the 12 yd line and its a Tennessee first down!

Chris Johnson crosses the 10 and will be 2nd and 8.

Colts call time out and have 1 remaining with 6:13 remaining in the 4th quarter.

Shuttle pass for 7 yds and 3rd and 1.

1st down on rush

Pass in the end zone incomplete and 2nd and goal.

White two yards and the TD.  Extra point is good and the score TN 24 Colts 14.

Man it is COLD.

Colts will take it on their 20 after the kick.

Manning passing for the first down to Rhodes.

Manning to Clark incomplete.

Pass to Rhodes for 5 yds and 3rd down.

Holt intercepts for Tn and returns to Colt 17 yard line.  This is his second pick of the night and his season.

Chris Johnson 16 yd run for the TD and the extra point is good.  TN 31 Colts 14.

Colts on 35 yd line 2nd and 6.

Pass incomplete.

Colts driving on a meaningless possession. 

Clark down to Titan 15.

Rhodes catches the ball on Titan 2

Rhodes rushes and short followed by Peyton's first rushing TD and extra point good.

Tennesse will get the ball back with 1:17 left and will run out the clock and go 7-0.



















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