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Fisher Out Was My Call

The good ole boys, the coaches, the bloggers with National clout, and the beat sports writers just don't like it when an old blogger without credentials (sort of speak) uncovers a story that may have some clout.  That is why none took my lead.  Instead they failed to snoop around to find out if there was any truth to my story, 4 January, Titan Scuttlebutt "Jeff Fisher is Out" had any merit.  Well it seems it had more merit than perhaps they would now care to admit.  In fact they are all writing their stories like why now, I cannot believe it, it won't be the same without Fisher.  The truth is the writing was on the wall.
Adams does not like to be wrong. He wants to get to a Super Bowl and Fisher was not getting him there. Also Fisher was not going to get back to a Super Bowl with another team before Adams if he had anything to say about it.  That explains the three week delay.  Now releasing Vince and letting go Fisher allows for Bud to say it was a combination of coaching as well as Vince's history that lead to the decision to let both go. 

Fisher now is a coach in waiting.  He could wind up in the booth and that would not surprise me either but I have some other thoughts which I will admit has nothing to do with rumor. Just remember that yes Fisher is a USC guy and you can hold that thought too.  There is also the fact that he is a former Bear player. Fisher did not want VY.  He wanted  Matt Leinart.  Is Matt Leinart available? Yes. He might have had to take Cutler.  Cutler is now with the DA Bears.  How does QB coach or Offensive Coordinator with Martz as the QB coach and Matt Leinart as a pick-up for a back up behind Cutler?  I know it does not seem logical but there is something that makes this not entirely something that could happen.

As for now I guess I will have to say I told you so, Fisher Out was my Call.  Now what remains to be seen is, "Is Gruden once again a possibility for Fisher's replacement with the Titans? Is Vince Young back? HMMM
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Denver Snow Job results in Chicago Wind Fall!

Here I am just back from Denver and all I can say is the Broncos front office snow job of trying to deal, then say he is our QB and then deal Jay Cutler to the Bears is one melt down for the ages.  I expect to be hearing for several years people in Denver asking, “What just happened?”  In Chicago they are saying, “Look what the wind just blew in, OMG!”  Let me go on record right now the Bears got the best end of this deal. 

Okay, I just got back from Denver and in a short survey learned that while the populace thought both sides handled themselves poorly, 60% laid the blame on the Bronco front office.  If Denver doesn’t win in a hurry there are going to be some very unhappy campers in Denverland.  There is just no way Chris Simms or Kyle Orton can measure up to Cutler on arm ability.  Sure Jay was 17-20 as a starter but we in Nashville know how well Cutler can do on teams that don’t have the talent. This Pro Bowl QB given the talent already in Chicago will result in more than his share of playoff appearances. Mark my words, this trade may end up being the biggest news in Chicago since the great fire as early as next year.

Here is some nostalgia for you, who was the last Bear’s quarterback from Vanderbilt?  If you said, Bill Wade you would be correct.  I once had the privilege of attending a football camp sort of where we got tips from Bill on how to catch the ball.  Bill just happened to have graduated from the same Hillsboro HS as me.  Okay that’s enough of going back in time lets go Back to the Future.

This has all the same writing on the wall when former Bear coach, Mike Ditka then with the New Orleans Saints bet the ranch and traded everyone on the team for who?  That was the infamous Ricky Williams trade up that included the Washington Redskins.  Well, there is a lot riding on this trade as well.  Ditka ultimately paid the price and fired following a 3-13 season in which he had promised a Super Bowl.

Well coach Lovie Smith’s job is not on the line for this trade but you better believe there will be great expectations in the Windy City this season.  There is something else intriguing about all this.  Even when everyone in the entire SEC knew that Cutler would throw to his former Vanderbilt teammate Earl Bennett, a combination renewed as a result of the trade, teams couldn’t stop him. Will history repeat itself?  This is going to be one great season to watch in Chicago.  




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Talk Back Sports

Broncos Will Have Their Eggs Scrambled

   The thought that the Denver Broncos were willing to trade Pro-Bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler for New England back-up Matt Cassel over the weekend had all the makings of the biggest wrong move ever.  Without question there is still potential for future fall-out from this “Mother of all Blunders.”  Cutler won’t speak to his new coach and even Bronco fans are calling Cutler “a baby” among other names. Denver spin doctors are saying they were just listening to the offer that would have in effect sent Cassel to Denver via Tampa Bay and Cutler to Buccaneers.  In the end the Patriots dealt Cassel to the Chiefs, along with linebacker Mike Vrabel.  New England got a second-round pick.

  I don’t know what the Broncos where thinking so I tried to figure out why Denver even entertained the thought of giving up their first round pick for Matt Cassel.  I also wanted to know why Denver fans are so quick to gang up on the Vanderbilt University grad that has done more with less than any quarterback in the league.  Then I realized the Denver idiots where not comparing him to any QB, but rather their beloved John Elway.   I decided to look at Cutler’s stats against those of Denver QB John Elway over the same period of time in their careers and see if they had good reason for their dissatisfaction.  Well, the stats don’t lie Cutler is exceeding the great John Elway in every offensive category.

John Elway in his first three seasons (42 Games) threw for 8,152 yds, 47 TDs, and 47 INTs, passer rating of 67.23% and a completion percentage of 53.4%.

 Jay Cutler in his first three seasons (37 Games), threw for 9,024 yds, 54 TDs, 37 INTs, passer rating of 87.1% and a completion percentage of 62.5%. 

Stats compiled from a href="http://sports.jrank.org/pages/
tml">John Elway - Career Statistics</a> and http://www.nfl.com/players/careerst

Sure I know Jay is quick to speak and is not shy about voicing his displeasure but on the field where it matters he is doing everything any legitimate Bronco fan should acknowledge.  There where games when he threw a pick at the wrong time but there have been equally a number of games where he pulled them back and gave them wins they would have otherwise lost.  These tend to even themselves out over the course of a season. Cutler with the right offense around him can take the Broncos to the Super Bowl as well.  Right now he needs a defense and a coach that believes in him. Its time Denver wiped the egg off their face and admits they did a terrible wrong to their franchise QB. 


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