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Posted on: October 10, 2009 8:12 pm

You Could See This Coming

Vandy did not deserve to win. This was a pathetic performance in which I would be hard pressed to who should get the blame.  The special teams was lousy. Penalties have not been addressed and once again the performance in the Red Zone was an embarrassment. Larry Smith can run but he can't pass and his inability to be consistant results in receivers never knowing when the good pass is coming.  You can say that Army's TD should have never happened and I agree but we scored on the kickoff return so that should be okay now play ball.  Instead we throw an interception.  Instead of ,moving the ball ont the ground we keep trying to go for the long pass down field and then forget about it.  Sure we made a few but it really is only a tease.  Where is Adams,  Did he do something we as fans don't know about.  I saw this game and I can't see straight. This was a classless performance. Our coaches refuse to see what we saw a long time ago, this teams lacks discipline.  The penalties have cost a chance at three games this season.  The play calling is even worse.  Vandy will be lucky if they win one more game this season.
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