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Getting Ready For Titan Camp

  I don't know about you but I am ready for the NFL Football season to begin.  The Titans fared relatively well in the off season so it should be interesting to say the least.  Coach Fisher has been pleased with the Rookie Camp but then again what might we expect him to say. Therefore the real assessment rests on the pre-season and Summer Camp.  Oh Baby...can't wait!  Let's get ready.
  The GPS is already set for LP Field, (even though I already know the way), the Titan gear is being brought out and inspected. Let’s see there are the jerseys, the hats, changing the license plate cover from Vandy to Titans.  I will end up going back to Vandy but pre-season is all Titans.  There is the cooler, can't forget that.  I have my note pad ready for recording how the players look. What else do I need? Oh yea, batteries for the tape recorder. Yep, I still use a hand held tape recorder.  I am even trying to get my yard cut so that that doesn’t get in the way. I still do the yard because you know the economy. Well, look for more information as I once again work towards getting back into the mood.

Posted on: March 4, 2009 10:52 pm

Young is #2 Again

Simms Says Bye to Titan's

How can you blame him?  I for one really didn't see this comming but if the Titan's weren't going to move Young, what is a young QB supposed to do?  I believe the Titan's missread the possibility of losing their #2 QB, and its a darn good thing they signed Collins.  The addition of Simms to the Broncos shows you how quickly things can turn in the NFL.  It sure is interesting that Denver upsets their starting QB Cutler and then goes out and gets another potential starter in case the rift can't be settled in Bronco land before the new season begins.  So what is next for Tennessee?  Vince is not ready to be the leader but now he is one play away from being just that guy.  This is going to make the press have a field day.  Will Vince have a fair shot at being the starter during training camp?  Will the Titan's draft another QB.  I have to think this just abruptly changed the way the Titan's GM will look at the draft.  I say send Vince to Denver for Cutler and throw in a draft choice.  I keep hearing how the Titans like building the team the old fashion way by development.  Well, Pitts is very good at but I can't say the Titan's are. We need a WR, we need a real QB and then we can be a real threat every season. Just a thought since I see a lot going out and not much coming in.


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Talk Back Sports

Broncos Will Have Their Eggs Scrambled

   The thought that the Denver Broncos were willing to trade Pro-Bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler for New England back-up Matt Cassel over the weekend had all the makings of the biggest wrong move ever.  Without question there is still potential for future fall-out from this “Mother of all Blunders.”  Cutler won’t speak to his new coach and even Bronco fans are calling Cutler “a baby” among other names. Denver spin doctors are saying they were just listening to the offer that would have in effect sent Cassel to Denver via Tampa Bay and Cutler to Buccaneers.  In the end the Patriots dealt Cassel to the Chiefs, along with linebacker Mike Vrabel.  New England got a second-round pick.

  I don’t know what the Broncos where thinking so I tried to figure out why Denver even entertained the thought of giving up their first round pick for Matt Cassel.  I also wanted to know why Denver fans are so quick to gang up on the Vanderbilt University grad that has done more with less than any quarterback in the league.  Then I realized the Denver idiots where not comparing him to any QB, but rather their beloved John Elway.   I decided to look at Cutler’s stats against those of Denver QB John Elway over the same period of time in their careers and see if they had good reason for their dissatisfaction.  Well, the stats don’t lie Cutler is exceeding the great John Elway in every offensive category.

John Elway in his first three seasons (42 Games) threw for 8,152 yds, 47 TDs, and 47 INTs, passer rating of 67.23% and a completion percentage of 53.4%.

 Jay Cutler in his first three seasons (37 Games), threw for 9,024 yds, 54 TDs, 37 INTs, passer rating of 87.1% and a completion percentage of 62.5%. 

Stats compiled from a href="http://sports.jrank.org/pages/
tml">John Elway - Career Statistics</a> and http://www.nfl.com/players/careerst

Sure I know Jay is quick to speak and is not shy about voicing his displeasure but on the field where it matters he is doing everything any legitimate Bronco fan should acknowledge.  There where games when he threw a pick at the wrong time but there have been equally a number of games where he pulled them back and gave them wins they would have otherwise lost.  These tend to even themselves out over the course of a season. Cutler with the right offense around him can take the Broncos to the Super Bowl as well.  Right now he needs a defense and a coach that believes in him. Its time Denver wiped the egg off their face and admits they did a terrible wrong to their franchise QB. 


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Tennessee Scuttlebutt

Tennessee Sports Observations

Climrev and "Talk Back Sports"

It was several years ago when I did the sports talk show "Talk Back Sports" from a new talk radio station that never quite made it in Millington, Memphis.  We had the Cardinals, we had the New Orleans Saints, USA Baseball (Jim Abott was pitching then), and I was able to land for the first time ever Commodore football to be broadcast on a station in Memphis.  I would like to think I was not the cause for the demise however it did bring about an end to any real other radio opportunities.  Well, I would like to get back into it again with a blog to "Talk Back Sports" with anyone interested.  Of course if you happen to be an insider somewhere and would like to fill me with some information on your team, etc, I would be happy to oblige in being the forum for getting that information out to the public.

Tonight I want to talk back a little on University of Tennessee football.  I will be the first to say, "I did not want to see Fulmer run out of town in Knoxville."  I would have liked to seen him end his career on his own terms.  Nevertheless his career with Tennessee is over and now we are into the Lane Kiffin era.  If the truth be known I am not one of Kiffen's supporters either.  You will have to admit he has done some things already that probably have you wondering if Hamilton and the Vols made the right choice.  In fact I almost began this entry with the title, "I told you so" but by better judgement I refrained from that for now.  Still I can't help but wonder what might have happend if you has hired my choice, coach Kelly from Cincinnati.

If publicity is what you wanted the Tennessee fans got it.  First Kiffin accused Urban Myer of recruiting violations which he did not do and then went out and committed a couple of recruiting violations of his own.  Coach Kiffin said he was just kidding around. Well, here is a tip, Lane, you are not funny. The SEC and Tennessee media are listening to everything you say so since you have a knack for saying the wrong things, it is time you kept your mouth closed and your notebook open.  Concentrate on Spring Footaball and X's and O's.  Yes, coach Kiffin is drawing attention to Tennessee football but I believe he has gone about it the wrong way.  Don't think for one minute that Florida will not be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to beat Tennessee as badly as they can next season.

So let me open up the forum and ask you what kind of grade would you give Coach Kiffin today?



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Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Where have all the heroes gone, gone to steroids everyone, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.  The news this week on Alex Rodriguez is to say the least unfortunate.  What I mean is that it is unfortunate that another hero bites the dust just when we thought maybe he was the one that would put the likes of Bonds, McGuire, and Sosa behind us.  Unfortunately that now won't happen.  If he plays a little longer and there is no reason to suspect he won't then he can put behind him some of this where as Bonds, McGuire and Sosa never will. 

Looking back, I am not surprised Alex lied when asked about use to Katie Couric afterall the information from the sampling was supposed to never be used against him and forever remain a secret.  I would not be surprised that once he learned he tested positive he gave it up.  If the samples had been destroyed he could have and actually should not have had to look back on it.  I would gather there are some sealed records of a lot of people that lie everyday because that it never supposed to be revealed.  If in fact they turned the corner that is what should matter most.  I for one want to at least think that wrong as it was, Alex lied only because he thought it would never come out and he had made the decision to never use again.  Sometimes it takes only one scare.  As much as he is about his records, I feel confident he made the decision any future use would not be worth the risk.

Bonds on the other hand and Clemons are an altogether different situation.  There use was evident by many and they have categorically denied it, even when the proof is there.  There is no way for them to make amends.  Now what about McGuire? He owned up to some growth enhancement that was found in his locker.  It was legal and he supposedly stopped after that was brought to the light.  He also cannot make amends on the field.  So where does he stand in all this?

I would like to think the Hall of Fame could have the athletes that have the records in the Hall.  Perhaps we will see a Hall of Fame that won't have the HR Leader, the Hits Leader, the player that broke Roger Maris' record, the best pitcher of the live ball era and you name it. It might not have the future HR leader that breaks Bond's record.  Do we need a Sports Records Hall of Fame that could have caveats like this athlete did this or is alledged to have done this.  We could include all sports and someone could go see their stuff.  My guess is it would have quite an appeal because there are going to be a lot of heroes in there.

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Tennessee Volunteer Coaching Selection


Kiffin introduced as Tennessee's coach with six-year deal

Kiffin also has retained -- at least temporarily -- wide receivers coach Latrell Scott, running backs coach Stan Drayton, offensive line coach Greg Adkins and tight ends coach Jason Michael to help with recruitment. He said he will decide later whether they will be asked to stay.

28 Nov 08

Lane Kiffin and Tennessee

This caught me by surprise until I heard that Mike Hamilton was lobbying to keep some of Fulmer's staff and wanted a coach that would be willing to do so. Ah, Kelly would have no part of that. He always brings his staff. There is loyalty for you. Well, that was not acceptable to Hamilton so go get Lane Kiffin. He is so anxious to get back into the game that already he is making concessions to the front office. This will not be good for Tennessee in the long run.

Tennessee coachng search takes a turn..

November 27, 2008 12:23 pm

"I'm with you. I don't know how to feel. However, being a Vol fan for thirty years, I don't think it can get much worse. I like the thought of fresh, young blood at TN. Thank goodness it's not Mike Leach. A gimmick offense doesn't offer a chance to get back to a National Title. At least not in the "punch you in the face" SEC.’

Certainly a new coach will bring some fresh young blood but if my sources are correct you will be keeping some of that old blood as well. It seems Hamilton wanted some of Fulmer's other coaches to stay and that the new coach had to be willing. Seems he did not want Fulmer to be able to put together his old staff somewhere else. Kelly is loyal to his staff and would have no part of it. Kiffin was acceptable. I hope my source is wrong but if it is true then you missed a good coach in Kelly and Kiffin is starting out as a pacifier.


November 28, 2008 12:20 am

That is very interesting voulunteer_01. So the trip to Cincy was to offer a defensive coordinator position? Do you really think that was the case. That leads me to believe my hunch was correct that Kelly said he would take the job only if he has control over who is on his staff. Hamilton wanted one of Fulmer's staff to stay on. I don't know who I couldn't find out but after that Hamilton went to Kiffin.


Phil's Replacement

November 27, 2008 12:02 pm

Give me a unbiased opinion on Brian Kelly

November 22, 2008 10:58 am

Bill4Vols - Besides being a Vandy fan I actually went to Cincy to play football, as did my sister and Dad so we are big fans of them as well. Coach Kelly is real motivator to the players and football smart. Coaches here won't out coach him. It will take him 3 years to get the players he wants but if Tennessee gives him three I think he will be there a long time. I wish he would stay in Cincy but... you could not do better.

November 22, 2008 11:13 am

Durfish good stuff and absolutely correct. Tennessee will in all likelihood look back on this season with few regrets if they get Kelly

November 22, 2008 11:39 am

JSW126 I know that recruiting seems to be a big question mark but let me just make two comments. Cincy recruits against the likse of Ohio State, Norte Dame and Michigan, yet have done exceedingly well. He comes into a home and knows what to say to not only put the recruit at ease but the parents too. The second thing is that recruiting while not mentioned much is also about that group of high rollers and alumni that have influence on their communites and HS coaches and talent. They will be doing some heavy lobbying to ensure that coach is not only directed but also sent some great talent. Kelly will do well.

"Hamilton doesn't know who he's going to hire. Let's enjoy Thanksgiving."

I would say if anybody knows it is Hamilton. Enjoy your game with Kentucky and the announcement for better or worse of Lane Kiffin. I don't know who on the staff he is going to keep but it is my belief that Kelly wouldn't keep any of the existing staff so Hamilton chose Kiffin. I believe it will prove to be a huge mistake.

9:10 p.m. Tennessee needed a Head Football coach that had head football coaching credentials and success at doing it. You know how you can tell if a recruiter is lying? You will see his lips move.

As a Cincy fan I should be happy that Tennessee did not choose Kelly but then again as a Tennessean I would rather lose Kelly to Tennessee than to Norte Dame. ND recruits the same players.

Fulmer should coach again.

Anybody heard what coaches are staying on with Kiffin?

29 Nov 08 4:02 p.m.

"know I have posted about Brian Kelly and Mike leach this week but, I couldnt have been more wrong......The local radio's show's have reported that Lane Kiffin has been offered the Job.......And the expect it to be offical either Monday or tuesday of next week.....I am hearing that he is bringing Ed Orgeron to coach the Defense.........You can read this stuff at Govolsxtra.com or Secjunkie.com and I am sure they are other places reporting this.....I honestly dont know how to feel about this turn of event's…..".

This was news on the 26th. I even had the response:

Certainly a new coach will bring some fresh young blood but if my sources are correct you will be keeping some of that old blood as well. It seems Hamilton wanted some of Fulmer's other coaches to stay and that the new coach had to be willing. Seems he did not want Fulmer to be able to put together his old staff somewhere else. Kelly is loyal to his staff and would have no part of it. Kiffin was acceptable. I hope my source is wrong but if it is true then you missed a good coach in Kelly and Kiffin is starting out as a pacifier.

November 28, 2008 4:20 p.m.

I believe equally as well that this was the wrong move. Players today are all about the bling and what are your credentials and because of all the hype they receive they come in with an attitude that is difficult to coach. Recruiters are by the nature of the beast who are not known for their being able to lay down the law. Kelly was the right choice. Big mistake but Tennessee will keep a loser for more than 3 years.

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White Makes It Right and CJ Makes Them Blue

This game could not have come at a more opportune time for the Titans.  Len Dale was able to right his wrong of saying "I don't care" with a very impressive  two TD performance pushing his season total to 11 but more improtantly proving he does care.  His  106 total yards on the day  were typical, hard fought bone crushing runs.  His counter part in the backfield was equally impressive scoring two times. The most impressive was the 58 yard draw play in which he was never touched.  Johnson finished the game with 125 yds on 16 carries and the way he did it left Detroit blue and out of breath.

The defense once again righted itself but to be honest Detrot was just no match.


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Tennessee Looks To Start Season 8-0

The surprising Green Bay Packers (4-3) and tied for 1<sup>st</sup> in the NFC North come to Nashville with hopes of knocking off the undefeated Tennessee Titans (7-0) and leading the AFC South. Tennessee is favored and rightfully so. They are coming off an impressive come from behind (31-21) win over Peyton Manning and the Colts that left almost all outstanding questions about their defense, team character, and resiliency previously unanswered answered, this team is the real deal.

Tennessee is celebrating a decade of football at LP Field in Nashville (game time 1:00 p.m. EST) with a capacity crowd of 68,804, as the 12<sup>th</sup> man of this nationally televised match up. Since 1999 at the start of the season, the Titans are 45–27 in the regular season. They won their first 16 home games when the stadium opened in 1999. The Titans are 2–1 in playoff games at LP Field and today’s crowd will be another sellout. Every Titans home game (including preseason) has been a sellout since the opening of the stadium in 1999. Home Field Advantage-Titans.

The Titan defense will be severely tested today by the arm of Aaron Rogers. Rogers is passing this season at a 65.6% completion record, 1668 yards, 12 TDs and 4 Ints. That could be spell trouble for the Titan defense on a short week. The nagging injury (groin) to Kyle Vanden Bosh (DE) has him questionable. The Titans would love to have him on the field but the decision is with Kyle. He sat out most of the week to give it more time to heal. Coach Fisher is more concerned about the season than remaining unbeaten. Here are the players for the Titans on defense will be without: LB Colin Allred (groin) out, DE Dave Ball (concussion) out, CB Chris Carr (Back) questionable (not likely), DE William Hayes (illness) doubtful, DE Ulrich Winkler (IR). The Titan Defense is banged up and Green Bay is catching them at the right time. However Albert Haynesworth is still playing (bloggers defensive player through midpoint of the season).


The Green Bay is not at full strength either. LB Desmond Bishop is doubtful with a hamstring and the same for LB Danny Lansanah. I would normally say Tennessee has the advantage without question but today I am a little more hesitant since I am not sure they can keep the pressure on Rogers. I know Peyton Manning over a career is better than AR but not necessarily this season. Therefore I will not go so far to say this is a lock. However I still give the defense advantage Titans.

Offensively the Titans are a solid running game with White (327yds) and Johnson (626 yds) and 14 combined TDs. Nobody is really hurt on the offense with the exception of RB Quinton Ganther (concussion). He is listed as doubtful. On the other hand the Packers have to be concerned about Aaron Rogers (shoulder). No doubt he will play. You have to believe that the running game and the consistency of Collins versus the offensive air game of the Packers in my opinion cancel each other out. I am calling this even.

It should be another victory for the Titans, we will find out later today.

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