Posted on: December 29, 2010 6:50 pm

Vandy vs Marquette is a Must Win

Alright how can this be a must win and confernce play has yet to open? Vandy has lost two crucial games which by my recollection they should have won.  The problem is they didn't.  Now they are playing another team fromt he Big East and that league is loaded. The problem is Marquette nor West Virginia is going to win that conference. That means losses to both of those teams will hurt if at the end of conference play you are not the league champion, division champion or have a great tournament.  Let's face it, Kentucky and Tennessee are adorable and so is Florida.  That means that Vanderbilt must win games like the one tonight. We are playing at home so a loss will be more devastating than a win but as my dad says, "A win is a win and that ain't ever bad." 

If you look at this game from a Top 25 perspective, it was hard for us to get to the Top 25 and it really took Tennessee losing 3 times and Florida having some problems.  So a loss here will really hurt any chance of staying in the Top 25 for more than one week.  We have a tough streatch as we enter the SEC and therefore in case that doesn't go like planned, we need this win.
Posted on: December 7, 2009 10:53 pm

Tragedy Turns To Triumph

Fort Campbell Falcons Three Time 2-A Kentucky State Champions

After  trailing Louisville DeSales in the opening half  9-7, the Falcons took the lead for good 14-9 and never looked back following a 91 yard drive in ten plays two-thirds the way through the 3rd Quarter.  After that the only question remaining was how big the margin of victory would be.  The defeat of Louisville DeSales 29-9 to finish the season put an exclamation point at the end of a season filled with heartbreak and joy for Coach Shawn Berner and his players.  The Falcons completed a 15-0 season mark.   

Antonio Andrews, a leading candidate for Kentucky’s Mr. Football as quarterback for the Falcons hit Breon Moreno on a 15-yard pass for the go ahead touchdown.  The extra point made it 14-9 with just a shade over four minutes left in the third quarter.  Andrews for the game rushed for 155 yards and one touchdown.  He also had 78 yards passing and another touchdown to complete his senior season. 

Following the Falcon touchdown the DeSales Colts were held to a three and out.  Tre Powell took the ensuing put 59 yards for the Falcon’s next score.  The Falcons then went for two and Andrews hit Chris Allen to give the Falcons a two score margin 22-9.  The final touchdown of the game came in the fourth quarter with just over three minutes remaining on Troy Turner’s 50 yard run.

The Fort Campbell Falcon football team is a Department of Defense Education Activity High School located on Fort Campbell in Fort Campbell, KY.  Unlike most high schools in the area, the team is made of dependents serving at Fort Campbell.  The transition of families makes the program unique because more than other schools players come and go and you have no guarantees the player you relied on last year will be back.  "Two years ago I think we lost nine potential starters off this football team, just to dads getting a change of orders," says Mike Marciano, the school's athletic director and the team's offensive coordinator. "We can lose them during the season; we can gain them during the season. If you gain them you've got to teach 'em — quickly. If you lose them you got to wish them well and you pray for them."

The culmination of this team coming together and playing like they did is a testimony of the sheer will and perseverance of this team.  The season ended with the thrill of a third 2-A Kentucky State Championship and sixth overall for the Fort Campbell Falcons.   It was however a tragic beginning to the season that began this team on a road from tragedy to triumph.

During a practice in last July, Timothy Williams, a junior at Fort Campbell High School collapsed.  The following day at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, Tennessee the young man died.  The entire Fort Campbell community was shocked by the news but rallied together in support of Sgt. William Williams, the team, and the coaches.  The team perhaps more than ever came together and did something almost unimaginable by finishing the season undefeated, 15-0 and turning tragedy into triumph.


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