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Posted on: August 7, 2010 11:44 pm
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Tennessee Titan Preview

Not long ago, I wrote Chris Johnson is a Titan's Titan.  In the hearts of Titan fans, a single season made him a Titan's legend.  When he began his quest for a new contract and the threat to hold out until the management made a move the fan support began to divide.  CJ is in the prime of his life and the Titans decided to give in and sweeten the pot.  Now hopefully they can do what they could not do with Eddie George and Detroit couldn't do with Barry Sanders and win a Super Bowl.

The truth of the matter is other teams will prepare differently with a variety of schemes aimed at stopping Chris Johnson. Therefore he is not likely to duplicate his 2006 yards of last season.  The Titans will  need even more from Vince Young if they are going to go from 8-8 to 11-5 and having any shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl run.  If VY can show a balance of pass/run and the ability to stretch the field Johnson should be able to have over 1,000 yards.  The question is can anything less than 1,500 yards be considered a good year. 

As for the season, the weather in Tennessee was brutal with the heat index over 100 degrees last week.  The forecast calls for no rain all this week and Coach Fisher is not only concerned about the heat but the ability for his team to recover from the off season but having a balance of sufficient practices to be properly conditioned.   

Okay so where are the Titans?  The team also lost Keith Bullock so someone will have to step up in the linebacker corp. If last week is any indication linebacker Gerald McRath (51) has looked good so far and seems poised to make a substantial contribution.  Elsewhere on defense another standout is cornerback Jason McCourty.  You have to be impressed with this young man.  Tennessee seems to reload at the corner position better than just about any team in the NFL.

On the offensive side the ball neither Vince Young nor Kerry Collins has looked well.  It could be the heat, the timing, or perhaps it could be that this is the year of the big decline for Collins and unfortunately the Titans are on the hook for too much money to pay a backup and too steep to offload.  The Titans will need Kenny Britt not to have a sophomore slump and get more from Nate Washington.  This is a lot to ask but if these two do not perform this could be a tough year for Tennessee.

Coach Fisher is as always optimistic. No one is expecting the Colts to be as strong as last season and therefore the start of the season in the AFC South is one that anticipates at least two teams will be in the playoffs from this division.  Fisher is a coach on the hot seat.  Bud Adams is not getting any younger and while seniority by Fisher as the dean among NFL coaches has served him well, all bets are off. If Tennessee is not in the championship game this year, look for this to be Fisher’s last year.

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Tennessee Titan Roundup



The Tennessee Titans were not only defeated but embarrassed by the New England Patriots 59-0.  The Titans (0-6) following a 13-3 regular season are in total disarray.  Jeff Fisher said, "I'm disappointed and embarrassed," and well this game coupled with last Saturday’s performance against the Colts has caused an extremely vocal support for change.  Right now fans don’t care if it is Jeff Fisher or Kerry Collins so the Titans with the bye better have an answer besides Jeff Fisher’s assurance it won’t happen again. 


The team made up of returning veterans less the notable Albert Haynesworth  has experiences its share of injuries but at this point even that cannot explain the sudden destruction of what we expected to be a promising season with a return to the playoffs.  However now the Titans are worse than the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs and that calls for heads to roll.  Collins once again was unable to get his receivers to provide the offensive support.  Dropped passes from Justin Gage and Bo Scaife continued to rule the day but Collins (2/12)  also has to take his share of the blame.  The only bright spot in this game was the running of Chris Johnson with 128 yards on 17 attempts.    


Coach Fisher is now facing a bye week which is going to give this loss a lot more time to fester with fans and to make matters worse the Titans are expecting to find the competition even tougher after the break.  So when will the Titans get their first win?  Their best chance may well be after the bye week when they catch Jacksonville at home.  The Jaguars owned Tennessee in their first meeting (17-37) and Jones-Drew is improving week after week.  Then you add to the fact that Tennessee’s defense may even be worse than St. Louis’ defense.  Garrard threw for 335 yards again the Cardinals and he is likely to be able to repeat that kind of performance against the Titans.  That would mean Tennessee would have to try for its first win on the road all the way across country in California against the rejuvenated 49ers.  If Tennessee doesn’t win coming out of the bye and fails to win our West, they won’t be able to pick up that first win until St’ Louis comes to town December 13<sup>th</sup> when  Vince Young should finally be starting.

Posted on: July 28, 2009 10:37 pm

Quiet in Music City

Friday July 31 will be opening day of Titan Training Camp.  It is hard to believe but there has been little if any headlines this year albeit what happened to Steve McNair from the off season.  Of course Vince Young is the subject of an ESPN feature which aired tonight but in Nashville, that is old news.  ESPN played parts of the interview footage already but let’s face it if there is any news about Vince Young, it is that he is in a battle for being the second QB behind Kerry Collins, but don’t tell Vince that.

Actually I am excited about this year and what it has the potential to bring. We will kick off against the Steelers in Terrible Towel II, Battle in Pittsburg.  This is significant for two reasons.  The first is it will be a good tough matchup against the Super Bowl Champions.  Second regardless of the outcome we can only benefit.  A win will be an upset and if we lose (as we will be underdogs) whatever the team felt about being 13-3 should be dispelled and we can get down to business.

The team is virtually set and once Kenny Britt signs every rookie will be under contract.

Our first look will be the receivers.  The Titan depth chart shows:

1.  Nate Washington and Justin Gage are the starters at WR going into camp.  Washington was an off season acquisition and should average 16 yds a catch if he stays healthy.  Gage averaged 13.5 yds a catch last season and had no fumbles.  His 6 TDs last year should become double digits this year.

2.  TE Bo Scaife will likely play the whole year on the franchise tag is #1 while expect Alge Crumpler to challenge as the #2.  Scaife wants a big contract but it is highly unlikely. He started seven games last season and only caught 2 TDs.  I know he averaged almost 10 yds a catch but that is not enough to garner the dollars he wants.  He also fumbled once which he will have to improve upon holding on to the ball and improving his yards after the catch.

More tomorrow. 


Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:33 am

Getting Ready For Titan Camp

  I don't know about you but I am ready for the NFL Football season to begin.  The Titans fared relatively well in the off season so it should be interesting to say the least.  Coach Fisher has been pleased with the Rookie Camp but then again what might we expect him to say. Therefore the real assessment rests on the pre-season and Summer Camp.  Oh Baby...can't wait!  Let's get ready.
  The GPS is already set for LP Field, (even though I already know the way), the Titan gear is being brought out and inspected. Let’s see there are the jerseys, the hats, changing the license plate cover from Vandy to Titans.  I will end up going back to Vandy but pre-season is all Titans.  There is the cooler, can't forget that.  I have my note pad ready for recording how the players look. What else do I need? Oh yea, batteries for the tape recorder. Yep, I still use a hand held tape recorder.  I am even trying to get my yard cut so that that doesn’t get in the way. I still do the yard because you know the economy. Well, look for more information as I once again work towards getting back into the mood.

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