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Fisher Out Was My Call

The good ole boys, the coaches, the bloggers with National clout, and the beat sports writers just don't like it when an old blogger without credentials (sort of speak) uncovers a story that may have some clout.  That is why none took my lead.  Instead they failed to snoop around to find out if there was any truth to my story, 4 January, Titan Scuttlebutt "Jeff Fisher is Out" had any merit.  Well it seems it had more merit than perhaps they would now care to admit.  In fact they are all writing their stories like why now, I cannot believe it, it won't be the same without Fisher.  The truth is the writing was on the wall.
Adams does not like to be wrong. He wants to get to a Super Bowl and Fisher was not getting him there. Also Fisher was not going to get back to a Super Bowl with another team before Adams if he had anything to say about it.  That explains the three week delay.  Now releasing Vince and letting go Fisher allows for Bud to say it was a combination of coaching as well as Vince's history that lead to the decision to let both go. 

Fisher now is a coach in waiting.  He could wind up in the booth and that would not surprise me either but I have some other thoughts which I will admit has nothing to do with rumor. Just remember that yes Fisher is a USC guy and you can hold that thought too.  There is also the fact that he is a former Bear player. Fisher did not want VY.  He wanted  Matt Leinart.  Is Matt Leinart available? Yes. He might have had to take Cutler.  Cutler is now with the DA Bears.  How does QB coach or Offensive Coordinator with Martz as the QB coach and Matt Leinart as a pick-up for a back up behind Cutler?  I know it does not seem logical but there is something that makes this not entirely something that could happen.

As for now I guess I will have to say I told you so, Fisher Out was my Call.  Now what remains to be seen is, "Is Gruden once again a possibility for Fisher's replacement with the Titans? Is Vince Young back? HMMM
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Titan Scuttlebutt "Jeff Fisher is Out"

The official word from Titan owner, Mr. “Bud” Adams Jr. is the before making a decision on Coach Jeff Fisher there are a number of considerations (see link for full comments).


Here is the real scuttlebutt (rumor) that you need to know.  “Bud” is not exactly pleased with the mediocrity of the Titans over the last seven seasons (54-58).  The one and only AFC Championship and Super Bowl appearance came in 1999, the first year in Nashville.  Since that time the Titans have shown moments of brilliance only to fade in the playoffs.  Jeff Fisher has tenure; his record is also mediocre (142-120) in sixteen seasons as Head Coach.  However, tenure and a winning record is not what Mr. Adams wanted when he brought Vince Young over the displeasure of Coach Fisher to the Titans.  Therefore since time is getting short for Mr. Adams to see his Titans make another trip to the Super Bowl, there is only one option, change coaches.

Here is the name that is surfacing. Lately he has been a key part of the MNF broadcast team.  His name was batted around earlier but “Chucky” or Coach Jon Gruden is the person on Adams list of favorites to replace Jeff Fisher.  In fact the job is his if he wants it.  Coach Gruden was considered to fill the vacancy of the University of Tennessee but according to sources declined. However, he expressed his like for Tennessee and one more thing.  Coach Gruden is someone who had offered high praise for Vince Young.  It is only scuttlebutt right now, but it could be fact sooner than you think.

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Titan's Eliminated

It should be no surprise to Titan fans that Tennessee did not make the playoffs.  No team has come back from six straight losses to start the season and made the playoffs.  In fact no one with 5 losses to start the season has made the playoffs.  Tennessee however did make us at least for most of December believe that Nashville and Music City might hold one more miracle.  However this year the Grinch turned out to be the Chargers and the Bolts lit up the Titans in a display that took this writer totally by surprise.

The Chargers are for real.  Phillip Rivers is also a very impressive quarterback. He threw for two touchdowns and 264 yards although it seemed like a whole lot more than that on a night when the weather was supposed to curtail the passing game.  The Chargers were brilliant on both sides of the football and while Vince Young and the Titans did nothing more than self-destruct. Young threw two interceptions and had one fumble and all led to San Diego touchdowns.  The highlight of the evening for Titan fans was that Chris Johnson once again got 100 yards (142 yds to be exact) for the tenth straight game and left unhurt.  Johnson has 1,872 yards on the season and likely will eclipse the 2,000 yard mark in the final game of the season.

Getting back to the Chargers, I must first say that while I despise Philip Rivers, he played great.  He showed not only poise when the Titan's brought pressure but he threw those low accurate passes that only his receivers could possibly get.  In one instance Cortland Finnegan dove for the interception and the ball sailed right below his outstretched hands about foot off the ground into the hands of the Charger receiver.  I went into this game thinking Rivers was good, quite a bit arrogant, and not likely to make the pro bowl.  Well, I believe he will be in the pro bowl if he is not in the Super Bowl.  

In conclusion, I will wipe the egg off my face and give a hats off to the San Diego Chargers.  This game could have been as bad the New England Game but Norv Turner called off the dogs.  It was good to see Billy Volek again and I liked the way he took time to shake hands with Vince after the one turnover by the Chargers when the results were all but in the books.  

Tennessee did not play very well.  Perhaps it was or can be attributed in part to the loss of Bullock and the depleted defensive core.  It would be safe to say however that San Diego however is a very good team and well, Tennessee will in all likelihood finish 8-8 and be a very middle of the road team.  Perhaps it was the weather, but once Vince threw that first pick it seemed the writing was on the wall. I will say the receivers looked a lot like the same ones Kerry Collins was throwing to early in the season.  They just weren't catching the balls that were right at them.  

Tennessee made a great turn around.  If the finish 8-8 I would have to say that given the start to the season, that would be quite an accomplishment.  There is the possiblility that this game will lead to another loss but I have to believe the Titans are made of better stock than to let that happen.  I hope they prove me right.  My guess is the last game of the season will be a no holes barred attempt to make everything go right for Chris Johnson and his efforts to get 2,000 yards.  

Good night, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hey somebody pass me that egg nog.
Posted on: December 25, 2009 4:27 pm

Who Would of Thunk It?

Merry Christmas, who would have thunk it that the Titans would still be fighting for a possible playoff birth after starting the season 0-6.  I for one must say, "I didn't see that coming."  Today is Christmas, and the weather outside is frightful.  The fireplace is perfect for an afternoon today, especially after putting together one of the waterbased or sand based basketball goals together only to see it fall over on my wife.  Our sand was wet, it didn't pour well so we decided on the water.  The goal is up in the garage for now at 71/2 feet.  We only had to go outside in the freezing weather and wind to put on the last poll. Of course the goal was top heavy, before we put in the water.  Now there is some water in the base and the sandbags, 400 lbs of it is on top of the base until the weather gets better.  Of course now we are getting to my point,  and that is the weather is going to have a dramatic effect on tonight's game.

If you are from Nashville you know what I am talking about. If you are reading this from some other part of the country, well the winds here are gusting to over 40 mphs.  They are blowing over Bradford Pear trees and knocking over basketball goals.  Yes, the kicking games and the passing games are going to be question marks and potential decision makers.  Therefore that is where we need to look.  Right now the oddsmakers are favoring San Diego and who would have believed that someone would think this game could be that close.

Chris Johnson is going for his tenth straight 100-yard game and at the same time still on a quest for a 2,000-yard season.  This needs to be factored very favorabaly in the Titan's factor.  Throwing the ball will be good for only two quarters for each team and also kicking the ball.  There is also the chance that with the field getting wet that the running game hampered by some unsure footing.  

Here is what I think before the game begins and I have to get on the road here before long:

San Diego averages around 3.3 yds per carry on the ground from the backfield.
Tennessee averages around 5.5 yds per carry.
San Diego game is predicated on the pass.
Tennessee's is predicated on the run and the legs of Vince Young.

Give the ground game advantage +3 to Tennessee.

Passing is the name of the game for the ChargersPhilip Rivers is odd person out for A Pro Bowl birth but that doesn't mean he is not a pro bowl calibre QB.  He is approaching 4,000 yds in the air.  He will get that tonight.  The proble is the wind.  Therefore I expect Tennessee which has had +8 turnover margin in the last three games to significantly add to that tonight. I believe SD and Rivers will throw two picks and Tennessee will return one either for a score or so close it will result in a sure TD and 7 points.

Vince Young is a 60 percent passer this season and really has come into his own in the Red Zone.  Still he does not have to pass to be effective and the short outlet passes do nicely to allow Chris Johnson to either run the ball straight out or operate off the screen.  The weather is so bad here that I really believe SD will be sluggish and prone to mistakes.

Passing game,  I am giving Tennessee +3 here also.

Defense is hurting for the Titans. The loss of Bullock is devastating. We are really depleted at linebacker and out corner, Nick Harper is questionable.  As for San Diego they will probably be without Merriman.  There is bad blood between the Titans and SD and especially on the defensive front.  I will give the edge to SD on this one.

Defense goes to San Diego +3

Kicking Game is going to be a draw however note that Bironas has the leg however the wind will offset.  If it goes to field goal it may result in the team with the wind at their back in the 4th quarter.  That of course is determined by a coin toss.  
Finally there is the intangibles.  Tenness is playing with more at stake.  They are also playing at home and this game is on the NFL Network.  Tennessee will live to go into the last week with a shot and Vince Young getting a shot at Titan Imortality.  If ever one could think a QB could step up following the death of Steve McNair what better season story that to say, Tennessee Rises With the Young. 

Tennessee wins this one by a TD.
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Fun to Watch:Blind Side; Predators; the Titans!

I had the priviledge of going with our entire family to see the Blind Side last night.  We left after devouring a New England Lobster Feast when my daughter and her husband arrived from New England (New Hampshire) with fresh (still alive) Lobster.  Seven of us that include one retired military, one active, and one reserve. I have to give thanks for those serving this great nation of ours.  But back to the movie, Sandra Bullock probably gave her best performance ever and if she does not get the Oscar it is because those voting stay away from awarding movies of this nature. 

Now I also want to say that the Predators of which I seldom ever write about are absolutely amazing this year.  Picked 15th in the conference overall and second in the Central Division behind Chicago.  The win last night was incredible and yet also like how did we get behind in the first place?  I mean we were on cruise control and then suddenly it was like a hybrid and we needed to recharge the battery.  Anyway, Legwand's overtime goal was superb and now we have won seven in a row and are coming home for three more.  We could break our longest win streak ever.

The Preds are also in a lawsuit over the naming rights to our Arena formerly now the Sommet Center (17,113).  It will now likely just be called the Nashville Arena.  Perhaps there will be a naming contest once we find a new sponsor.  Laswt year we were incredibly slow out of the gate but this year the team seems much more let's say enthusiastic.  I have to believe a lot of the success this year has been the way Barry Trotz has rearranged the lines.  Players who had been around each other awhile had become complaicent.  Now you blood and different chemistry has everyone playing their "A" game.  However all aside the real MVP this year has been Pekka Rinne.  He has 414 saves, .915%.  The last two nights have been sensational. Go Preds, this year we get back to the playoffs.

Now the Tennessee Titans, what can you say about those Young"sters"?  All of sudden people are talking about their playoff chances.  It is is a long shot after all they have to play the Colts after this week's game with Arizona.  The good news is we have four of six at home.  The two games you have to think they will lose are the Colts and San Diego.  That would leave us at 8-8.  That would be amazing given the start but I have greater expectations.  The defensive secondary is healthy again, Chris Johnson is haveing a banner year and the Colts are not going undefeated.  Therefore if we beat the Colts, we will be San Diego.  Therefore I am thinking realistically that finishing 10-6 is not that unrealistic.  Happy Thanksgiving!!
Posted on: November 11, 2009 12:12 am

Titans Looking Young Again!

RBISPORTS - The Tennessee Titans began the season with high expectations and hopes of repeating as AFC South Champions and why not?  They were 13-3, the best record in the NFL in 2008 and had everybody returning.  Well, almost everybody if you don't count the departure of Albert Haynesworth.  No need to put the franchise tag on him, we have Bo Scaife. How has that worked out? Bo Scaife has played in six games has 165 yards receiving on 18 catches.  Haynesworth has played in all 8 games for the Washington Redskins, has 25 tackles, 3 sacks, and a fumble recovery.  Did I mention he has played in all 8 games?  Of course I should also mention that Andre Carter for the Redskins has 6.5 sacks and this is for only half a season.  Carter had four sacks all last year.  Carter is on track to break or match his career season record of 12.5 sacks in 2002.  Even if the Redskins look bad, the addition of Haynesworth has helped their defensive front line.  
   Nevermind the mistake of letting Haynesworth go. Perhaps the biggest loss of all was the departure of Jim Schwartz to become head coach of the Detroit Lions.  As a result of his departure, plus a plethera of injuries to the all-pro defensive backfield, and the lack of a consistent pass rush, the Titans instead of looking young looked just plain old n starting the season 0-6.  Even Collins seemed to age five years over an off season.  But the good news is the Titans are starting to look young again, Vince Young in fact.
   The first round draft choice began the season as an after thought, an albatross, a liability and fans were in some cases admonent he be let go.  Then there where others that said why don't we see more of Vince?  Even in the pre-season what we saw of Vince's performance was hardly promising. So what has happened to make people in Tennessee believing they can have another 10 game winning streak and finish the season 10-6?  The answer is love him or hate him Vince Young. I thought it interesting that in four games this season he has a 64.3 completion percentage. He has thrown 1 INT, 1TD, and run for another. Looking at the stats you see 1-1-1 but the bigger stat is that he is back and the Titans are 2-0 with Young as a starter.
  It is hard to say what his overall future with the Titans will be. It might be equally hard to figure what Coach Fisher's future may be. We kinow the owner made this call. The question on my mind is what call will the Titans make at the end of the season.  The Titans are famous for letting good talent go before they have actually reached their prime or not keeping legends around like Steve McNair, Eddie George, and don't forget Derick Mason. However, they did bring back Jevon Kearse and now they have a decision on what to do with two QBs.  All I know the Titans are looking Young again and they are 2-0.  Winning never grows old.  
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Commodore Bowl Chances are Narrowing

Last year the Commodores beat Boston College in the Music City Bowl.  The win was something Vandy fans savored.  It was a year of highs and lows.  We started the season with 5 wins and followed with 5 losses.  The bottom fell but like our ski trip we raised the bow, pulled the plug in that back of the boat and let the water drain out. We put the plug in and the boat was once again worthy.  The Commodores did the same thing and finished the regular season 6-6.  The Bowl win let the Dores 7-6 and all of a sudden the question was asked, "Can a Bowl Tradition Be a Reality at Vanderbilt?" 


Right now continuing a bowl tradition is looking bleak.  In fact you would have to say Commodore Bowl chances are narrowing.  Even before the season began there was the stark reality that we were going to have to play 12 straight weeks.  That might be alright for teams with depth but Vandy? The goal of six wins would be a tough hill to climb.


Here were my thoughts before the season: 

Getting back to a bowl will in my opinion will require another major upset, kind of like we had against Auburn last season (Auburn at the time was a major upset).  An upset most certainly won’t come against Georgia.  The Dogs have perhaps its best core of offensive lineman since 2002.  What about our in state rivals?  Tennessee has a new coach, a new offense, but by the time we play they neither will be new anymore.  I don’t think it happens against Tennessee.  How about Alabama? No.  How about Florida?  No WAY!!  So let’s look at our schedule and see what we think. 

The schedule is tough, no OPEN DATES.

Western Carolina                     Win
LSU                                          Loss
Mississippi State University     Win
Rice                                          Win
Ole Miss                                   Loss
Army                                         Win
University of Georgia               Loss
South Carolina                         Loss
Georgia Tech                           Loss
University of Florida                 Loss
Kentucky                                  Win
Tennessee                               Loss

I am thinking that it really looks like a lean year at 5-7 with no bowl repeat.  We could beat Georgia Tech and South Carolina to be 7-5 and perhaps a wild shot at beating Tennessee but I just don't think so.  If everything broke right our best possible record is 8-4.  In reality a hopeful 6-6 and likely something less is what this year will bring.  One thing that will really hurt Vandy this year is the lack of off dates.  Vandy had two off dates last season.  Now they will not get a change to have nagging injuries heal.  Vandy could win 3 of the first four and then go into another tailspin like last season.  Army won't be a push over, especially on the road.  Rice and Army are on the road so what we look at as wins are games the opponent also figures as wins.   


Okay, so in review of what I said at the first of the season, Vandy has only lost one more game than I anticipated.  Miss State is a good team. They showed that in almost upsetting LSU last week.  When I say a good team let me caveat that by saying, a mid pack good team that just doesn't roll over.  Mid pack teams can win if another team makes uncharacteristic bad plays, turnovers, bad weather neutralizes talent or a fast back, etc. Vandy is a good team. They however have to have a number of events roll their way in order to make it to a bowl this season.  Injuries are already starting to take their toll.

Ole Miss could have come in here to Nashville #4 or #5 in the country. It could have been the best possible scenario for Vandy to pull off the upset of the century.  Now Ole Miss is smoking hot after losing to Steve Spurrier and USC last Thurs night on National TV.  Had they won that game at USC a Ole Miss would have come here in somewhat respectable in the eyes of National Pollsters.  Now they have very little credibility. Therefore even a Vandy win won't be all that impressive outside of us Commodore Fans and other coaches in the SEC who know better.

Vandy with a great crowd on Saturday could catch Ole Miss in a funk and perhaps prevail again this year however somehow I don't think so.  So where does Vandy make up a game to make it to a bowl.  Army is still winnable so that puts you at 3-3.

You have to think maybe we will pick up wins against KY and TN but my gosh we thought so about Tennessee last year and they wiped up clean.  So a lot depends on injuries to other teams.  Georgia has already had the flu so we won't catch them down. USC is much better that last year so I think while a win is possible this is a stretch.  Georgia Tech is really a very good team in the ACC so I don't see that one going our way.  We will have to win the last two and beat somebody I originally expected to lose to along the way.  Right now I will say USC again but wouldn't it be great to pull this biggest upset of all time and beat Florida.  I will never forget the penalty called on Vandy that kept us from going for two in the big game in the swamp that we lost in OT. No doubt Florida will be overlooking Vandy.

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