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Steve, Thanks For The Memories

Steve McNairFormer Tennessee Titan Steve McNair is dead today; the victim of shooting that took place at 2nd Ave and Lea in Nashville, Tennessee.  Police discovered two bodies at the scene, one woman and a man.  The man was later determined to be former Titan QB Steve McNair.  The apparent cause of death, a single gunshot wound to the head.  The name of the woman is being withheld pending notification of the next of kin.  

Although details still remain sketchy what we know is this.  Police received a phone call at approximately 1:36 pm today.   There has been no official confirmation of what happened.  Speculation from an unnamed source indicated the double homicide may be a murder suicide.  

McNair was one of the most beloved players to ever wear the Titan uniform. His style of play was a combination of self-determination and grit that inspired many of his teammates around him.  He often played with unbelievable pain.  He suffered a broken sternum yet would not let it keep him away from the game he loved.  This giant of a man from tiny Alcorn State a largely unknown university played big time on the NFL stage as Air McNair. Perhaps most memorable performance as a Titan was in Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, when the Titans attempt to tie the game ended one yard short.

Steve played tough and played hurt and was a true competitor.  Injuries ultimately led to his retirement following two years with the Baltimore Ravens.  Steve was a big presence in Nashville.  He had a home here, a restaurant over on Jefferson Street, and was very active in the community.  He held a football camp here in Nashville and that was one of his last events in the public eye. He leaves behind his wife and two sons. 

The news has come as a stunning shock of the Titan Nation.  McNair had made the decision to make Nashville his home and was becoming an integral part of the community just recently opening his own restaurant in the area.  Fans and spectators have already begun lining up along Second Avenue and Lea trying to find out exactly what has taken place and pay tribute to the one the so admired.  Just a week ago the former Titan QB was in the Jeff Fisher charity softball game at the home of the Nashville Sounds, having fun with current and former teammates and raising money for charity.  

We have learned that a possible witness was driven away by police at around 2 PM this afternoon.  What she knew is still unknown.  People continued to celebrate the 4th in an outside pool adjacent to the complex where the body of All-Pro quarterback was found.  Police and crime scene investigators as of 5 pm were reporting that the bodies have not been moved and that the crime scene is still being processed.  A woman, a possible witness, has been taken to the police station, and she too has not been identified.  

Once again, Steve McNair is dead today at the age of 36. Police got the call around 1:46 pm and he was found with a gunshot to the head. Police were notified by the apartment manager.  Although the bodies were discovered between 1:30 and 2:00 PM today police are still trying to determine the timeline.  It is possible the murders happened last night and were only discovered this afternoon.  Processing of the crime scene could take several hours. 

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Denver Snow Job results in Chicago Wind Fall!

Here I am just back from Denver and all I can say is the Broncos front office snow job of trying to deal, then say he is our QB and then deal Jay Cutler to the Bears is one melt down for the ages.  I expect to be hearing for several years people in Denver asking, “What just happened?”  In Chicago they are saying, “Look what the wind just blew in, OMG!”  Let me go on record right now the Bears got the best end of this deal. 

Okay, I just got back from Denver and in a short survey learned that while the populace thought both sides handled themselves poorly, 60% laid the blame on the Bronco front office.  If Denver doesn’t win in a hurry there are going to be some very unhappy campers in Denverland.  There is just no way Chris Simms or Kyle Orton can measure up to Cutler on arm ability.  Sure Jay was 17-20 as a starter but we in Nashville know how well Cutler can do on teams that don’t have the talent. This Pro Bowl QB given the talent already in Chicago will result in more than his share of playoff appearances. Mark my words, this trade may end up being the biggest news in Chicago since the great fire as early as next year.

Here is some nostalgia for you, who was the last Bear’s quarterback from Vanderbilt?  If you said, Bill Wade you would be correct.  I once had the privilege of attending a football camp sort of where we got tips from Bill on how to catch the ball.  Bill just happened to have graduated from the same Hillsboro HS as me.  Okay that’s enough of going back in time lets go Back to the Future.

This has all the same writing on the wall when former Bear coach, Mike Ditka then with the New Orleans Saints bet the ranch and traded everyone on the team for who?  That was the infamous Ricky Williams trade up that included the Washington Redskins.  Well, there is a lot riding on this trade as well.  Ditka ultimately paid the price and fired following a 3-13 season in which he had promised a Super Bowl.

Well coach Lovie Smith’s job is not on the line for this trade but you better believe there will be great expectations in the Windy City this season.  There is something else intriguing about all this.  Even when everyone in the entire SEC knew that Cutler would throw to his former Vanderbilt teammate Earl Bennett, a combination renewed as a result of the trade, teams couldn’t stop him. Will history repeat itself?  This is going to be one great season to watch in Chicago.  




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Young is #2 Again

Simms Says Bye to Titan's

How can you blame him?  I for one really didn't see this comming but if the Titan's weren't going to move Young, what is a young QB supposed to do?  I believe the Titan's missread the possibility of losing their #2 QB, and its a darn good thing they signed Collins.  The addition of Simms to the Broncos shows you how quickly things can turn in the NFL.  It sure is interesting that Denver upsets their starting QB Cutler and then goes out and gets another potential starter in case the rift can't be settled in Bronco land before the new season begins.  So what is next for Tennessee?  Vince is not ready to be the leader but now he is one play away from being just that guy.  This is going to make the press have a field day.  Will Vince have a fair shot at being the starter during training camp?  Will the Titan's draft another QB.  I have to think this just abruptly changed the way the Titan's GM will look at the draft.  I say send Vince to Denver for Cutler and throw in a draft choice.  I keep hearing how the Titans like building the team the old fashion way by development.  Well, Pitts is very good at but I can't say the Titan's are. We need a WR, we need a real QB and then we can be a real threat every season. Just a thought since I see a lot going out and not much coming in.


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