Posted on: July 2, 2009 11:27 pm

Do the Red Sox's Know Something?

The though occurred to me the other day while listening to conversation on Manny Ramirez.  The Nashville Sounds were playing some team where Manny was given an assginment in preparation for returning to the Dodgers.  The discussion was why was Manny sort of being treated differently from others that have been involved with performance enhancing drugs.  As the discussion went on the name Roger Clemens came up.  Then it sort of dawned on me. Both Ramirez and Clemens played for Boston and did quite well.  Did the front office suspect perhaps the use of steroids and sort of very quietly almost under the radar work to get these people out of the organization before all______ hit the fan?

Of course this is sort of perhaps a farfetched thought but bringing embarrassment to the Yankees in the case of Clemens well, that would seem to me as a pretty clever underhanded move.  After all who really knew who the 104 players were that tested positive.  I just thought  I would put this in my blog and see if anyone may have contemplated other thoughts about this whole who knew what about what in the steroid era. 

Do any of these players ever make it into the HOF?  The fact that McGuire took that android growth that was found in his locker and he stopped taking it is all we really know about him. He didn't want to talk about it to Congress, he didn't want to lie under oath but the 104 people were supposed to be kept secret.  In truth he was probably on it, however we don't know until the names are all released.  

I know that steroids really belmished the game. Mantle was no saint but his HRs are real. His, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.  I think Griffey is clean and so was Frank Robinson. Lets  put the HR leader records in the Steroid era in another part of Cooperstown.  Just words and thoughts for today.

Titans resume on 31 July.  The Commodores play 12 games without a bye and Tennessee should go 2 for 1 to get a QB.  
Posted on: February 9, 2009 7:32 pm

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Where have all the heroes gone, gone to steroids everyone, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.  The news this week on Alex Rodriguez is to say the least unfortunate.  What I mean is that it is unfortunate that another hero bites the dust just when we thought maybe he was the one that would put the likes of Bonds, McGuire, and Sosa behind us.  Unfortunately that now won't happen.  If he plays a little longer and there is no reason to suspect he won't then he can put behind him some of this where as Bonds, McGuire and Sosa never will. 

Looking back, I am not surprised Alex lied when asked about use to Katie Couric afterall the information from the sampling was supposed to never be used against him and forever remain a secret.  I would not be surprised that once he learned he tested positive he gave it up.  If the samples had been destroyed he could have and actually should not have had to look back on it.  I would gather there are some sealed records of a lot of people that lie everyday because that it never supposed to be revealed.  If in fact they turned the corner that is what should matter most.  I for one want to at least think that wrong as it was, Alex lied only because he thought it would never come out and he had made the decision to never use again.  Sometimes it takes only one scare.  As much as he is about his records, I feel confident he made the decision any future use would not be worth the risk.

Bonds on the other hand and Clemons are an altogether different situation.  There use was evident by many and they have categorically denied it, even when the proof is there.  There is no way for them to make amends.  Now what about McGuire? He owned up to some growth enhancement that was found in his locker.  It was legal and he supposedly stopped after that was brought to the light.  He also cannot make amends on the field.  So where does he stand in all this?

I would like to think the Hall of Fame could have the athletes that have the records in the Hall.  Perhaps we will see a Hall of Fame that won't have the HR Leader, the Hits Leader, the player that broke Roger Maris' record, the best pitcher of the live ball era and you name it. It might not have the future HR leader that breaks Bond's record.  Do we need a Sports Records Hall of Fame that could have caveats like this athlete did this or is alledged to have done this.  We could include all sports and someone could go see their stuff.  My guess is it would have quite an appeal because there are going to be a lot of heroes in there.

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