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Posted on: November 18, 2011 7:24 pm

Its the most wonderful time of the year.

This really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I love the holiday season, the bowls, the tournaments, basketball, hockey, football, golf.  The end of the year is shaping up to be really exceptional.  As for you that consider the absence of the NBA as ruining your holiday season please, the only thing that truly matters in the NBA is the playoffs.

Thursday night football was amazing as Tebow and the Denver Bronco defense brought us an unbelievable finish that for another week thrust the Broncos right in the heart of the playoff picture.  Who would have thought that 5 weeks ago?  Certainly not me.  Sooner or later people everywhere will have to admit there is a god and there is a good chance Tebow knows him.

Then there is the President's Cup and all that surrounds the presence of Tiger Woods.  Honestly he does seem to have much of his golf game back in order.  His near misses yesterday on the putting green where vintage Tiger except they did not go in.  What I am saying is he is reading the greens and controlling his shots.  Once the confidence returns, meaning he puts it all together and wins one tournament, others better look out.  I would expect that if I can get back to Augusta, I may see Tiger put on another green jacket in 2012.

While I am still on golf and everyone is coronating Yani Tseng (rightfully so), there is aother rising star and her name is Na Yeon Choi.  Here is another Korean golfer that has amazing talent. She trikes the ball well, is consistently in contention finishing in the top three of her last three events including a win just a month ago in the LPGA event Malaysia.  Incidently the leader in those events of course were Yani Tseng except in Malaysia where Choi held on to win.  These two are going to become the women's dynamic duo.  The win in Malaysia gave something to Choi she previously did not have, the confidence she could be a #1.

As you know for better or worse I am a Vanderbilt Commodore fan and Cincinnati fan.  My Commodores continue to take me throught the full gambit of emotions.  The loss in basketball to Cleveland State was the worst ever, but the football win over Kentucky was the other extreme.  A victory over Tennessee this week to become bowl eligible would make this one of the best football seasons ever.  My Bearcats appear to have it all together and this week was reverse fromthe Dores.  I hated the loss to Pittsburg in football and yet the basketball team is the real deal.

I believe the Bengals will knock off the Ravens this week, Tennessee will beat Atlanta, and the Colts will remain winless.  The Packers and the Bears will both win and Earl Bennett will make me a fantasy football genius for using in this week.

Posted on: July 29, 2010 11:21 pm

This is Sports Season

The All-Star game is over. Major League baseball is heading into the home stretch and although we are still a good two months away from the playoffs, I could not be happier.  The Cincinnati Reds are a half game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals and a Red's fan has to be excited about that. 

Football season is about to start on the Div I level and the Commodores of Vanderbilt and the Bearcats of Cincinnati are starting the season with new head coaches.  The Bearcats are not likely to improve upon last season's record and Vanderbilt is well, Vanderbilt so you never know. At least this season they will not be playing twelve games in a row.  However they got that draw last year probably served as the beginning of the end for coach Bobby Johnson.  Whatever the reason to hang up the coaching cleats just before the beginning of the college football season, last year's record has to play some part. Speculation is that his wife was the biggest reason.  Certainly he had to know how she felt before summer and yet he held on.  Presumably to allow coach Robbie Caldwell is first head coaching assignment, If that were the case, he was successful. Coach Caldwell the darling of SEC Media Day was given the job officially this week.

The Bearcats have known that Coach Kelly was soon to go and when the ND job opened up he fle the coop.  Now the reigns Coach Butch Jones. You have to like what he is doing with the 1200 club and the improvements that he is making.  How well will the football team perform? I am expecting a 7 win season. There is a chance that an upset along the way could make the season even better but I am also figuring that with a new coach and new QB we have to expect the unexpected. Seven wins would be a good start.  That may even prove to be better that what coach Kelly is able to do at ND.

High School football is starting soon and in Clarksville and Fort Campbell all you can say is Falcons.  The post football team Falcons have won three consecutive IIA Kentucky Footaball Championships and only 1 loss in three seasons, last year finishing undefeated.  More to come on this team because they are amazing.  They deserve far more press around the country than they have been getting.  Why you may ask?  This football team has to reload every couple of years because the service member families are transferring to new duty stations.  As a result even scouts seldom learn about the talent becuase it was off the radar.  

Next week I will comment on the Titans and the Bengals, I have not forgotten NFL Footaball.

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