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Vanderbilt Improves to 5-0.


Vanderbilt Improves to 5-0. Best Start since 1964-65.

Vanderbilt's men's basketball team looks like a team capable of an SEC Championship.  This is the 40th anniversary of Commodore squad that captured the South Eastern Conference Championship and right now they look like a team on a mission.

Tonight the #21 team in the nation, the Commodores handled 14th ranked Tennessee in Thompson Boling Arena in a game televised on ESPNU 76 – 68 and the game marked the best start for a Vanderbilt team since the 1964-65 season.  Coach Stallings certainly was well pleased and his post game comments about the team’s effort tonight certainly reflected his pleasure.  Stallings, “Well played game by the entire team…might be the only team that can come in here and win.”  With the win and Kentucky’s loss to South Carolina, Vanderbilt leads in the SEC East, 5-0.

Vanderbilt came in here having lost three previous times, twice last year by more than double digits and showed that this time they were physically ready.  In a game that was rough, Vandy played with poise and determination.  Every time Tennessee tried to get something started Vandy had an answer.  Vandy shot over 50 percent for the game and Tennessee previously had been holding opponents to around 38 percent.

Vandy leaves the victor in a very impressive road victory in a very difficult place to win and now goes to play a Kentucky Wildcat team on the road.  No doubt Kentucky will want to show that they are still the Top Cats in the SEC.  Meanwhile Vandy is way out in front of where anyone thought they would be at this point of the season.  Vandy improves to 16-3.

Vanderbilt’s Jermaine Beal led all Commodores with 25 points. Vandy had five players in double figures.  Olgilvy had 12, Taylor, Tinsley and Jenkins had 10 each.

Tennessee was led by Prince with 22, Hopson with 14 and Maze with 12.  The big surprise was how the Dores were able to hold Chism to 8 points.

Vanderbilt will now play Kentucky in a nationally televised game with a 3pm start time on Saturday and now has won 10 straight. 
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Thriller in Nashville

Tennessee shortstop Zach Osborne and rightfielder Charles Thurber combined for 6 hits in 9 at bats and three runs as the Volunteers took the Commodores down for the second time.  On the brink of defeat down 6-5 the Vols halted Vandy's bid for a NCAA tournament berth with a win in extra innings.  Vandy took the lead for the first time 6-5 in the bottom of the eighth but failed to get the needed support from the bullpen in the top of the 9th. Tennessee tied the game 6-6 and threatened to take the lead back before Russel Brewer finally closed the door on the Vol rally.

Vandy then put the first two batters on in the home half of the 9th.  That set the stage for 1B Curt Casali to sacrifice the runners to second and third and DH Aaron Westlake at the plate with 1 out.   Westlake came to the plate with a .353 BA with runners in scoring position.  With Reynolds holding at 3rd, Liddle on 2nd, and the count 2-2, Will Laconte got the all important strike out.  It was all left to mano on mano against cather Andrew Giobbi, who not surprisingly with 2 RBI in the game was intentionally walked LF Joe Loftus, 0-3 was Vandy's last hope. Laconte took the count to 2-1 and then 2-2 and then...strike three. If Vandy was going to play their way in they would have to do it in extra innings.

Tennessee led of their 10th on a single by Davis on new Vandy pitcher Goodenow and then Hawn reached on an error to put runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out. Again Vandy was forced to go to the bullpen.  Vandy went with Nick Christiani. Forsythe promptly greeted him with a single to left scoring Davis (the eventual winning run) with the go ahead run.  Christiani then settled down to strike out Polk for Tennessee allowing Vandy to move the infield into double-play depth.  Christiani then got Hamaker to ground out second to first as the Dores could not work the DP.  That brought to the plate Charles Thurber with a base open and Vandy awarded the intentional pass.  About time.  CF/Pitcher Matt Ramsey came to the plate 0-3 on the night with two outs and the bases loaded.   Ramsey then hit the ball back to the pitcher who made the play to first for the final out of the inning.

Vandy would now come to plate down 1 at home.  Tennessee would be facing the bottom of the order.  Leading off in their half of the inning Johnathon White (CF).  White flied to right for the 1st out.  Jason Espisito (3B) struck out.  Brain Harris made the final out for the Dores.  With terrible relief from the bullpen the Does looking like a sinking ship.
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Commodores Are In A Funk

Vandy came into the home series with the Volunteers with high expectations.  They are hanging on by a thread over Kentucky for a spot in the SEC tournament and perhaps a shot at the NCAA tournament as well as an at large team.  Unfortunately they lost last night 8-6 and tonight are losing 3-2.  One win or Jentucky loss and they make the tournament but who wants to back in.  The recent rash of leaving runners stranded at third base has been frustrating to say the least.  Sometimes you just get beat but sometimes it seems you just fail to win.  Unless Vandy can come back and believe me, that has not been their strong suit of late, we will have to wait and see what the Wildcats are doing.
Mike Minor has been called on to hold the Vols and well Tennessee has come in here and done a good job of frustrating the Dores. 

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Volunteers Making A Lot of News

   The University of Tennessee is certainly making a lot of news lately, some of it positive and some of it not so good. The recent decision by Tennessee to give a scholarship to Daniel Hood has raised more than a few eyebrows.  On the afternoon talk show 104.5 The Zone some of the callers where seeing this as a step backward for Coach Kiffin and the VOLS.  Recent problems associated with Coach Fulmer had everyone believing that Tennessee was going to be taking the high road when it came to talent and recruiting. The collective team put together by Coach Kiffin was supposed to be a breadth of fresh air.  However, the decision to bring in a young man that has past criminal history, had callers believeing nothings changed.
    Of course then there has been the mass exodus of players since the Orange and White game Spring Game.  According to the CBS Sports wire eleven players have made their departure.  On the surface it could raise the question did a late frost damage some of the oranges?  After the recruiting is over and all the locker room talk, is the field general a litte less effective?  Let me just say, don't believe everything you read.  Those that are leaving are one's that thought themselves all me or knew that the writing was on the wall that their song was not on the same sheet of music my man Kiffin was directing.
    My instincts are that decision by one that left, QB BJ Coleman was one of self-preservation.  Likely the others were just not Big Orange Grade A. The decision to leave, and have to drop down a division in order to continue to play just tells me that that is not the tyoe of rivalry you want in fighting it out for a position.  And that leads me to one more comment before closing on the Tennessee.  Kiffin is building his team and looking for loyalty.  He came in with the players being told right off the bat that every position was uncertain, and that everyone that would be a starter would have to earn it.    

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Tennessee Scuttlebutt

Tennessee Sports Observations

Climrev and "Talk Back Sports"

It was several years ago when I did the sports talk show "Talk Back Sports" from a new talk radio station that never quite made it in Millington, Memphis.  We had the Cardinals, we had the New Orleans Saints, USA Baseball (Jim Abott was pitching then), and I was able to land for the first time ever Commodore football to be broadcast on a station in Memphis.  I would like to think I was not the cause for the demise however it did bring about an end to any real other radio opportunities.  Well, I would like to get back into it again with a blog to "Talk Back Sports" with anyone interested.  Of course if you happen to be an insider somewhere and would like to fill me with some information on your team, etc, I would be happy to oblige in being the forum for getting that information out to the public.

Tonight I want to talk back a little on University of Tennessee football.  I will be the first to say, "I did not want to see Fulmer run out of town in Knoxville."  I would have liked to seen him end his career on his own terms.  Nevertheless his career with Tennessee is over and now we are into the Lane Kiffin era.  If the truth be known I am not one of Kiffen's supporters either.  You will have to admit he has done some things already that probably have you wondering if Hamilton and the Vols made the right choice.  In fact I almost began this entry with the title, "I told you so" but by better judgement I refrained from that for now.  Still I can't help but wonder what might have happend if you has hired my choice, coach Kelly from Cincinnati.

If publicity is what you wanted the Tennessee fans got it.  First Kiffin accused Urban Myer of recruiting violations which he did not do and then went out and committed a couple of recruiting violations of his own.  Coach Kiffin said he was just kidding around. Well, here is a tip, Lane, you are not funny. The SEC and Tennessee media are listening to everything you say so since you have a knack for saying the wrong things, it is time you kept your mouth closed and your notebook open.  Concentrate on Spring Footaball and X's and O's.  Yes, coach Kiffin is drawing attention to Tennessee football but I believe he has gone about it the wrong way.  Don't think for one minute that Florida will not be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to beat Tennessee as badly as they can next season.

So let me open up the forum and ask you what kind of grade would you give Coach Kiffin today?



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Tennessee Volunteer Coaching Selection


Kiffin introduced as Tennessee's coach with six-year deal

Kiffin also has retained -- at least temporarily -- wide receivers coach Latrell Scott, running backs coach Stan Drayton, offensive line coach Greg Adkins and tight ends coach Jason Michael to help with recruitment. He said he will decide later whether they will be asked to stay.

28 Nov 08

Lane Kiffin and Tennessee

This caught me by surprise until I heard that Mike Hamilton was lobbying to keep some of Fulmer's staff and wanted a coach that would be willing to do so. Ah, Kelly would have no part of that. He always brings his staff. There is loyalty for you. Well, that was not acceptable to Hamilton so go get Lane Kiffin. He is so anxious to get back into the game that already he is making concessions to the front office. This will not be good for Tennessee in the long run.

Tennessee coachng search takes a turn..

November 27, 2008 12:23 pm

"I'm with you. I don't know how to feel. However, being a Vol fan for thirty years, I don't think it can get much worse. I like the thought of fresh, young blood at TN. Thank goodness it's not Mike Leach. A gimmick offense doesn't offer a chance to get back to a National Title. At least not in the "punch you in the face" SEC.’

Certainly a new coach will bring some fresh young blood but if my sources are correct you will be keeping some of that old blood as well. It seems Hamilton wanted some of Fulmer's other coaches to stay and that the new coach had to be willing. Seems he did not want Fulmer to be able to put together his old staff somewhere else. Kelly is loyal to his staff and would have no part of it. Kiffin was acceptable. I hope my source is wrong but if it is true then you missed a good coach in Kelly and Kiffin is starting out as a pacifier.


November 28, 2008 12:20 am

That is very interesting voulunteer_01. So the trip to Cincy was to offer a defensive coordinator position? Do you really think that was the case. That leads me to believe my hunch was correct that Kelly said he would take the job only if he has control over who is on his staff. Hamilton wanted one of Fulmer's staff to stay on. I don't know who I couldn't find out but after that Hamilton went to Kiffin.


Phil's Replacement

November 27, 2008 12:02 pm

Give me a unbiased opinion on Brian Kelly

November 22, 2008 10:58 am

Bill4Vols - Besides being a Vandy fan I actually went to Cincy to play football, as did my sister and Dad so we are big fans of them as well. Coach Kelly is real motivator to the players and football smart. Coaches here won't out coach him. It will take him 3 years to get the players he wants but if Tennessee gives him three I think he will be there a long time. I wish he would stay in Cincy but... you could not do better.

November 22, 2008 11:13 am

Durfish good stuff and absolutely correct. Tennessee will in all likelihood look back on this season with few regrets if they get Kelly

November 22, 2008 11:39 am

JSW126 I know that recruiting seems to be a big question mark but let me just make two comments. Cincy recruits against the likse of Ohio State, Norte Dame and Michigan, yet have done exceedingly well. He comes into a home and knows what to say to not only put the recruit at ease but the parents too. The second thing is that recruiting while not mentioned much is also about that group of high rollers and alumni that have influence on their communites and HS coaches and talent. They will be doing some heavy lobbying to ensure that coach is not only directed but also sent some great talent. Kelly will do well.

"Hamilton doesn't know who he's going to hire. Let's enjoy Thanksgiving."

I would say if anybody knows it is Hamilton. Enjoy your game with Kentucky and the announcement for better or worse of Lane Kiffin. I don't know who on the staff he is going to keep but it is my belief that Kelly wouldn't keep any of the existing staff so Hamilton chose Kiffin. I believe it will prove to be a huge mistake.

9:10 p.m. Tennessee needed a Head Football coach that had head football coaching credentials and success at doing it. You know how you can tell if a recruiter is lying? You will see his lips move.

As a Cincy fan I should be happy that Tennessee did not choose Kelly but then again as a Tennessean I would rather lose Kelly to Tennessee than to Norte Dame. ND recruits the same players.

Fulmer should coach again.

Anybody heard what coaches are staying on with Kiffin?

29 Nov 08 4:02 p.m.

"know I have posted about Brian Kelly and Mike leach this week but, I couldnt have been more wrong......The local radio's show's have reported that Lane Kiffin has been offered the Job.......And the expect it to be offical either Monday or tuesday of next week.....I am hearing that he is bringing Ed Orgeron to coach the Defense.........You can read this stuff at Govolsxtra.com or Secjunkie.com and I am sure they are other places reporting this.....I honestly dont know how to feel about this turn of event's…..".

This was news on the 26th. I even had the response:

Certainly a new coach will bring some fresh young blood but if my sources are correct you will be keeping some of that old blood as well. It seems Hamilton wanted some of Fulmer's other coaches to stay and that the new coach had to be willing. Seems he did not want Fulmer to be able to put together his old staff somewhere else. Kelly is loyal to his staff and would have no part of it. Kiffin was acceptable. I hope my source is wrong but if it is true then you missed a good coach in Kelly and Kiffin is starting out as a pacifier.

November 28, 2008 4:20 p.m.

I believe equally as well that this was the wrong move. Players today are all about the bling and what are your credentials and because of all the hype they receive they come in with an attitude that is difficult to coach. Recruiters are by the nature of the beast who are not known for their being able to lay down the law. Kelly was the right choice. Big mistake but Tennessee will keep a loser for more than 3 years.

Posted on: November 27, 2008 5:12 pm

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